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Monday, October 20, 2014

Elizabeth from England

I am so confused and trying to find out who I really am. I have always felt a spiritual connection and knew I was different. When I was younger, there was a guy at work who constantly used to annoy me to the point I was nearly in tears with temper. One day, he was reversing his car outside work and nearly ran me over whilst I was waiting for my lift. He laughed out of the window, and I shouted over "you're going to crash in that car one of these days!" That night, he crashed into three cars (no one was hurt). Then another day, he was boasting about how tough he was, and I said "you're going to get beat up one of these days." He came in the following Monday black and blue after being beaten up by two guys!! Then another day, he said something really horrible whilst doing his hair in a mirror in the office. I said in a rage "I hope your hair falls out!!" Within a week, he started with alopecia and most of his hair came out!!! After this, I started to freak him out and he didn't really speak to me after that. Obviously I've grown up alot since then and would never respond so negatively in an argument now, but it did scare me, and I've always been afraid I may hurt someone I love. Is this normal?


Dear Elizabeth,

I'm sorry, but I think maybe karma was punishing that prick and you were just picking up on it. Hopefully he learned a lesson about treating anyone with such a lack of respect.

Now... having said that... it sounds like you learned a valuable lesson yourself. Words have power and words spoken in rage are even more powerful.