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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kaida from Virginia

Hi! I still consider myself fairly new to Wicca. I've done plenty of meditations, as well as a few rituals, but I haven't experienced anything in everything I've tried. I'm starting to wonder if Wicca is the right path for me. I desperately want it to be. But I somehow feel like it's rejecting me. Is that possible? Or is it all in my head???


Dear Kaida,

It's probably all in your head.

When we first begin to practice performing rituals, we usually feel so self conscious about it that we loose the spirituality in the act itself. I mean seriously... unless you're into the theater... standing in front of an altar calling on a bunch of non-corporal beings to be with you can make you feel a little (a lot) silly.

But one day you'll cast your circle, invoke the God and Goddess, and call the elements and you will FEEL them answer your call. One day it all just kind of clicks together.

Don't stress yourself out about it, don't over think it. Just spend some time in front of your altar and just communicate with (pray to) the God and Goddess.

Good luck, honey!