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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Layne from Temecula, CA

So I don't know how exactly to ask this, but I'll try my best.

I've recently taken up meditation because I heard it is a good way to relax and leave one's troubles behind. I have been having weird experiences. Like whispers down the hall when the lights are off, or the hall and my room feeling very uneasy, or the bed feels like it shakes slightly, but that might be my imagination. One night after my meditation, I went to sleep the same as normal, but I felt my bed shake kind of like I fell back into my body. I sat up on the edge of my bed and I felt something grip my leg and pull me off the bed. I crawled to the middle of my room and looked under the bed and saw angry red eyes and sharp and jagged teeth. There was nothing else though, no body, just darker than normal darkness. The entire room felt uneasy and I didn't feel safe. I felt something grab my ankles again and it dragged me into the hall and to the back room that nobody uses because it always feels uneasy and weird. Before I was pulled into the room, I heard the voice of a woman that grabbed my hand gently. She said "It'll be okay. I have you," and pulled me up the hall a little. I blinked and I was laying on the ground in the hall, scratches and redness where I felt like I was grabbed. The woman's voice was so calming and peaceful. Can you please explain what has been happening? The uneasy feeling has only gotten worse, but nothing has happened that extreme so far.


Dear Layne,

You need to do a banishing in your home. For directions, please read my response to  Brittney from Las Vegas. After doing the banishing, burn some lavender or sweetgrass in your home to bring in positive energy.

Let me know how things go!