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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Liz from Medford, NJ

Would a binding spell I read about on your site work if an evil, calculating woman came into our lives and broke up my marriage and therefore our family? I have known my husband since we were 14, married at 20, and although we had our ups and downs, we were best friends, lovers, partners, and parents. She was just divorced by her husband who is a psychiatrist in our area, and she picked my husband up at a bar during the recession of 2008. He still takes care of me financially, worries about me, but can't seem to break away from her. I met her accidently once, and she is a very determined, strong woman who laughed at me when I told her not to consider me a friend. I wish her no harm; I just want her to go away; maybe meet a well-to-do doctor who can treat her the way she is used to being treated. My husband drained all our savings, and he is just not the boy/man I knew. Something is not right. Please help me.


Dear Liz,

A binding or banishing could work on him, but it doesn't guarantee he will come back to you.

Prayer doesn't hurt either. No matter what religion you practice, talk to the Divine and let Him/Her/Them know what it is you want.

Keep me updated!