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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Obianuju from Nigeria

Please, I need your help. I love my boyfriend and he is the one I want to marry, but he has no money. I have tried everything possible for money to come for us to settle down, but nothing has happened. Please, I need you to help me win a lottery. Thanks.


Dear Obianuju,

Girl, if I could cast a spell to win the lottery I would be living a much different life. Lottery spells usually don't work anyway because almost everyone who plays feels they have the "need" to win.

Just because I can't help you win the lottery doesn't mean that I can't give you some advice on drawing money/prosperity to you and/or him.

Carry around these gemstones: pyrite, green aventurine, bloodstone, green calcite, herkimer diamond, jade, red jasper, lodestone, malachite, peridot, green quartz, tiger's eye, and turquoise.

Put two or three of the following herbs in a gold or green bag: basil, blackberry, chamomile, red clover, jasmine, sage, or vervain.

Carry a copy of the 10 of pentacles/wheels/disks/coins tarot card.

Good luck and may the prosperity Gods and Goddesses be with you and your boyfriend!