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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Zoe from Toronto, Ontario

Hi, I'll make this quick. I'm 18 and I think I'm a witch or something. I have no idea. It sounds crazy, but please tell me what you think. My whole life I have always had a special connection with animals and children. It's like animals are submissive around me. People around me notice. When I was younger, I was camping and we saw this injured moose. Everyone was taking pictures from a distance, but I ran up! My grandparents were terrified it was going to hurt me or charge me, but it let me pet it. If anyone else came close, it would try to get up and look at them aggressively. That is just one example. Another is when I concentrate I can make a flame rise! Like rise very high! My mom thought it was amazing. Please, maybe I'm paranoid, but I just want to know what I am or if I'm something at all. It would be amazing if you got back to me soon. Thank you.


Dear Zoe,

It sounds more like you are an animal communicator and not necessarily a witch. A witch is someone who practices Wicca, Witchcraft, etc.  As for the candle flame, that is more connected with energy work than anything else.