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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Evelyn from Athens, OH

I just moved into a dorm and I don't like the feel of it. I want to do a warding/protection spell, but I can't burn anything at all in the dorm. Do you know of any spells for protection/purifying/warding that don't require cleansing fire?


Dear Evelyn,

First let's starting with cleansing. Make a cleansing room spray using distilled water, a tablespoon of witch hazel astringent, lavender essential oil, and sage essential oil. This room spray will cleanse away any negative energy in your room and bring in positive energy as well.

Next, make a mojo bag to hang near the inside of your door. Use a small decorative bag in your favorite color. I would use herbs like lavender, sage, and rue. Also add one piece each of the gemstones black tourmaline and bloodstone. I also like to place an image of an eye to protect against people sending their negativity my way.

Once you have everything together, hold the bag in between the palms of your hands and say something like:

Lord and Lady, hear my plea
Safety and protection I ask of thee
Help me to create sacred space
Within the walls of this crazy place
Keep all the negative far from me
As I ask it, so make it be

Good luck, honey!