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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kealhan from Sweden

Just to clarify, this is the first time I'm reaching out via cyberspace or in "reality" to the magic users of witchcraft for answers. My focus is in the magic of engineering, so I hope that my ignorance of your school of magic doesn't offend anybody here.

This is what I'm curious about: I have had dreams that later happened in real life later on. I can also see some witches' faces morph into what I call " spirit side."  I can make people sneeze by thinking about them sneezing really hard (like a sonar pulse).

My question to you is have you heard of these things before, and if so, do these phenomena have names? Best wishes.


Dear Kealhan,

The dreams you're having are called premonitions, meaning you are dreaming about future events.  I'm not sure what the morphing thing is all about.  As for the making people sneeze thing, that is you manipulating the energy around the other person. I'd be careful with that one because that is you exerting your authority/power over another person.

Best wishes!