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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Neishmarie from Florida

Can you give me real powers?


Dear Neishmarie,



Saturday, August 30, 2014

Amethyst from Edmonton, Canada

Hello, I have this necklace and I was wondering if it had anything to do with magic. It's a blue circle rock shaped like a donut, and it's tied to a red string.


Dear Amethyst,

If it's a natural stone with a natural hole, then it's considered a witch's stone, which is extrememly protective. But I have no idea what blue, round rock you have, so that's my best guess.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Ant from Boston, MA

Is it possible for you to do a spell to grow my penis from where you are without me being present?


Dear Ant,

Oh, honey. I would rule the world if I could enlarge a man's penis using magickal means!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Helpless Meg from New England

Hi, I'm not sure where to turn. This isn't exactly a giant problem, just something that effects my general mood. My boyfriend is a Wiccan as well as an empath, and for an odd reason I can feel when he's in my head. It's a very distracting thing, my stomach turns, I get hot like I'm blushing, and it feels like he's staring into the back of my skull, even though he lives halfway across the country. Is there a way to stop this? I can normally shake most of the feeling when I concentrate on pushing it away, but it bugs the living hell out of me.


Dear Helpless Meg,

Yes. Black tourmaline will help put a protective barrier between you and him. But your boyfriend has no right rooting around in your head. Give him one warning - do it again and we're done - and if he does it again, dump his sorry ass!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hayley from United Kingdon

Hello there. (A challenging one, this - as it goes back decades): My now elderly stepfather made the mistake of lending a precious historical artifact to a well-known British comedian who needed it for one of his routines. He went repeatedly to the theatre to collect it as they'd agreed, and phoned the man's agent many times, but was always fobbed off! The comic (now also elderly) is still using it today! I'd love to get it back for my stepdad. Any ideas? (He's been told since that the chap never gives back things he has "borrowed" - bit of a crook it seems...)


Dear Hayley,

Dorothy Morrison's book, Utterly Wicked, has some great spells in it which you could use to try to get the article back.

Also, contact a lawyer before he dies, or else your historical artifact will become his family's heirloom!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sara from Woodbridge, VA

First off, I want to start off by saying I am happy with my marriage. But we do have our moments where it's difficult at times. Considering he is in the Marines and we move around, it can be stressful on me. I don't like the change. Lately, our sex life has been a little off, I am guessing because of the new move here and long hours he has to put in. I was wondering about gemstones to keep by the bed to make him want to have sex or something to spice up that department.


Dear Sara,

Garnet and clear quartz together can definitely help rev those engines! Before sex has to come some fun. Take some time to laugh and joke and play with your husband. You can't just jump on him when he's had a rough day. Don't seduce him, make him laugh.


Monday, August 25, 2014

James from Clovis, CA

Is there a cleansing that I can use to cleanse my body and soul of negative energy and keep it away? How would I do the cleansing and what items would I need? I become drained when I'm around too much negative energy.

Also, I would like to learn the Craft. What books do you recommend? Thanks.


Dear James,

As for your question about learning the Craft, please see our Advice for New Witches Page. It has good recommendations and was designed for people like you.

A nice bath with lavender, sage, and epsom salt can do a lot for removing and purging negative energy. You can also drink lavender tea to help purge negative energy internally. Unfortunately, there's no way to do this permanently because life attracts negative energy. However, whenever you feel the negative energy starting to build back up, simply have a cup of tea and a hot bath.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

A from Canada

I got a ouija board a month ago, and I keep getting a spirit that says it's name is NM??


Dear A,

NM is probably the initials of the first and last name of the spirit. Hopefully you're casting a circle before using the ouija board. Not casting the circle is just inviting in all kinds of trouble.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Karen from San Lorenzo, CA

I have two questions for you. I live with my friend, and her husband's mother moved in. I noticed lately I'm finding water bottles filled up all over the house. Also I know I catch her meditating. I know she's not doing right. I found a piece of broken rosary beads in the center piece on the table. I know I have the power of this but I'm trying to learn how to control it. I need to know what this all means???

Next, I've been seeing this guy that I have fallen in love with. How do I make him feel the same way? I've tried to let him be, but he comes back. It's like he's afraid to be close.


Dear Karen,

I have no idea what you are talking about. Your friend's mother is old. She is probably leaving bottles of water around because she can't remember where she left them. She's old. She probably falls asleep all the time. She's old. She's probably breaking shit left and right!

As for the guy you've fallen in love with, if you want the love to be real, you are not going to do a spell. Give him some time. It takes two people to make a relationship work, not one person casting a spell on another one. Personally, I'd rather know someone loves me for me, not because I worked magick for it.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Sarah from Woodbridge, VA

I have lost many people over the years. At one point, in my early twenties, I was losing friends and family every three months. But, out of everyone that I know who has passed away, one has always affected me the most. A close friend of mine had to move away abruptly due to some legal issues. He was gone for several weeks when I got a call. He said that he had gotten into more legal trouble where he moved to and didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to tell him and it was a very short conversation. He said he would call me right back. He never called back again and didn't answer my calls. His previous girlfriend that lived near me called me a couple of days later and told me how he had shot himself later that same night.

Everyone else died in car accidents, overdosed, was killed, or died of old age or health-related issues. He was the only one who took his own life. Not to mention that he has done every tattoo on my body. I'm wondering if that might also have something to do with why his death has been so much harder on me than anyone else's. It has been five years since he's been gone.

I guess my real question is, what do Wiccans believe happens to people who kill themselves? I was raised Christian and some of those ingrained beliefs are hard to let go of. I have been practicing the Craft for only a few years now, so I am still new to it. So I still have a lot of questions that aren't in the books that I've read. This is one of them that has been weighing on me heavily. I just hope that his soul isn't lost and that he is at peace.


Dear Sarah,

His soul is not lost, and yes, he is at peace. Witches believe that when a person dies, when their soul leaves their physical body, their soul goes to Summerland. Summerland is a place that is beautiful and peaceful and allows the soul to absorb all the knowledge it gained from that particular lifetime and rejuvenate and prepare itself for the next lifetime.

I am terribly sorry for your loss. One of the reasons you may have such a difficult time with this particular death is because it was a death by his own hand and because the last time you spoke with him was the last day he was alive. Since you are a practicing Witch, it is never too late to have a passing to Summerland ritual for him. There is no better time to perform this ritual than Samhain of this year.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kylle from Phillipines

Hi there!! My name is Kylle and I am 13 years old. Do you have a spell to turn me into a real witch?? Because ever since I was little, I've wished to be a real witchling!!! Please, do you have a spell?!

Also, I want a simple crush spell too so my crush will had a crush on me too. Please, can you give me the spell?!


Dear Kylle,

Sorry, no. Refer to our Advice for New Witches Page for information about your chosen path. Being a real witch means learning, practicing, and understanding morals and ethics.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

John from Raleigh, NC

If your mom is trying to get away from a abusive man, but she can't go to the police and her life could be in danger, is it okay to use black magic as means for protecting your mom from him without it coming back to you?


Dear John,

Let me state this very clearly. When it comes to protecting your family for danger, in my opinion, karma doesn't matter. If someone is coming after my family, I will take the karmic backlash to protect them and stand behind what I do. Black magick is black magick. Black magick always comes with a karmic debt. Do you accept taking on that debt for your family?

Before turning to black magic though, try doing a modified version of the binding spell we gave to Carol from Stafford against the abusive man in your mother's life.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Annette from Palm Springs, CA

I have an uneasy feeling and I don't know what it means.


Dear Annette,

Me either. You should have given me more details! However if you wake up in the morning with an uneasy feeling, it usually means bad news is on the way, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's bad news for you.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Kayla from United States

I'm new to Wicca, and I wanted to ask a question about spells. Just say I was doing a spell for a certain thing like beauty. By casting more than one spell for the same thing, would it make it come faster or make it worse by not working all together?


Dear Kayla,

It might make it worse because you're sending out spells that could possibly conflict. When it comes to magick, you have to remember to have patience. However, if you're waiting on a glamour spell to be successful, it's not going to. Glamour spells usually don't work.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Darius from Rome, Italy

Hello, my name is Darius. I have lived in Rome, Italy for some time now,  but I was born in Poland.

So I have a story to tell you and I would love to have an honest answer.  I was a young boy, 8 years old (I was born February 29, 1972) and as I remember it was the winter of 1980, bloody cold, and lot of snow. I had two sisters at this time and they were a little younger than me. 

All of us - me, my sisters, and my parents - were sitting in the living room watching TV. My father was smoking a cigarette and he had a lighter that looked like a gun; when you squeeze the trigger, it lights. At about 7 PM, we were all waiting for the cartoon to come on. I was playing with my father's lighter. My father told me to stop, so I put the lighter on the table.

The living room was normal. The sofa is in the center of the room with the TV on the right and windows with transparent curtains on the left. I want to add that the building was just two floors high, and we lived on the second floor. It was snowing and about -35C degrees outside.

So we are waiting for the cartoon and I started playing with the lighter again. At that moment, I saw someone on the other side of the window. I stood up to go closer. At the same time, my mom tells me not to go near the window. So when I was near the window, I opened the curtains, and was surprised to see a really old woman looking back at me. She had super green eyes. I remember that she wore a dirty, old-fashioned outfit. Her hair resembled what Tina Turner's hair would look like in the morning. Her face was old with lot of wrinkles.

When she looked at me this time, I was not scared or anything. I was just looking into her eyes. A moment later, it was like I was waking up. I had my father's lighter in my hand so I looked at the old woman and squeezed the trigger. She just disappeared. I saw her move like the wind.

My mom and dad started talking again. They were as surprised as I was because this was around 11 pm and they don't remember anything. I told my parents, but they think it was my imagination.

Can you please explain to me what happened that night? After that night, my life has been filled with very back luck like everyone is against me.

Thank you and I'm looking forward to your answer.


Dear Darius,

Imagine how insulting it is for a spirit to have a gun, even a fake one, pointed in her direction by a child who then pulled the trigger. It shows a complete lack of respect. Since you're claiming to have had bad luck since then, I would guess the spirit has been following you to pay you back. I recommend you speaking out loud a heartfelt apology to the spirit. I suspect things will begin to turn around at that time.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Erandi from Santa Ana, CA

What does it mean when someone leaves a plate with an egg, pennies, and rice in front of your house? Someone placed it next to my mailbox, and it is freaky! I'm trying to find answers online, but I come up empty. Please help.


Dear Erandi,

It sounds like some type of tradition from another religion in celebration. All the items on the plate, to me, symbolize good fortune and good luck.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Veronica from Los Angeles, CA

I am now four months pregnant with a beautiful baby, and I cheated on my boyfriend with a guy from my job. I am not sure who the father is. It is either my boyfriend or the guy from my job. I believe it's my boyfriend's. Is there a spell that can reveal to me who the biological father is? Thanks.


Dear Veronica,

Most likely you're going to have to get a DNA test. However, getting a tarot reading with a reputable reader might help provide guidance about who the father could be. We recommend our favorite tarot reader, John.

Going with simple math, two weeks after the first day of your last period is around the time when you ovulated. So the conception could have happened three days before or after ovulation. If you were banging both men in that week, pray it's not twins!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jamaica from Ohio

I just have one question. A couple months ago, I woke up with scars on my chest. It was red like it just happened, but they were cuts like they were healing. I'm confused about it.


Dear Jamaica,

Sounds like you could have had an experience where your dreams caused physical manifestations, a spirit touched you, a house pet leapt on your chest, or most likely, you scratched yourself in your sleep and didn't realize it. Even if you're a nail biter, nubs can still leave marks.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Jade from Dumaguete City, Philippines

Ever since I was a child, I've had tons of dreams that would always come true exactly how I dream it. I can also see people's deaths whether they're close to me or not. I also feel a dying person's pain when I wake up. I didn't tell anyone about that until my mother told me one secret she never told anybody else. We actually come from a lineage of witches that are adept at dark magic. My mother didn't seem to inherit anything, though. But whenever I cast a spell, I always end up making people weak, sickly, and in pain no matter what my intentions are. What should I do? I'm really scared. I've stopped casting anything when I noticed what it could do to people.


Dear Jade,

You are doing the right thing by no longer casting, but I'm not convinced of this whole "dark magic" thing. There isn't a huge coven of white witches and their adversaries, the dark witches. Stuff like that lives in movies and books. In reality, magick and energy stems from what you're feeling inside. If you think you're a "dark" witch, then the energy you're sending out is in fact dark because that's what you believe of yourself. Like attracts like. Focus on yourself for now. Focus on the good inside you, the positive things you have in your life, and try to appreciate the beauty and life this world has to offer.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rashi from Lucknow, India

Please, please, help me. Please, can you cast a spell for me, a beauty spell which would make me above average beautiful and kind of similar-looking to Kristen Stewart? It doesn't matter if people recognize me or not, just please cast a spell, please. I am fed up with my life and want to start over. People are always telling me how ugly I am. Also, a guy is there who is always following me home from school. After I graduate, I am scared he will follow me there also. Please, please, I am begging you. Please help me, please.


Dear Rashi,

There is no beauty spell that works. However, doing something for yourself like getting a flattering haircut, experimenting with some makeup, and splurging on some new clothes could do wonders for your self image. 
If you're heading to college soon, that's a great opportunity for you to become the person you always wanted to be. I can promise you that Kristen Stewart has her own issues she has to deal with, despite what the public thinks of her or how beautiful she is.

Here's the problem I see: WTF is this guy following you home for? You need to let someone know as soon as possible that this is happening. It's unacceptable and creepy!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Lola from Oshkosh, WI

I have a young son with severe cerebral palsy. Lately he's been having a lot of difficulties. I am trying everything I can to help ease his pain or calm his nerves. I'm looking for a sigil or talisman for his room. I just don't know what would be best or which to do. I need help!


Dear Lola,

It depends on what religion you practice. If you're Christian, place a cross and a statue of the Virgin Mary in his room. If you're Wiccan, a pentagram would be appropriate, along with images of the healing Buddha and Quan Yin. If you're neither of these, then the ancient symbol of healing, the caduceous, would be appropriate along with an image of the greek goddess Hygeia.

As for your son, you might want to think about finding some affordable Reiki classes, which could help ease some of your son's pain and anxiety. Please let me know if you would be okay with me adding both of you to my healing book so I may send you Reiki.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Mace from North Carolina

I'm not exactly new to this, but I'm still not a witch so I don't know what to do. I had a demon lodged inside of me (not by choice), and because of my natural state and abilities I can handle it. In fact, I can control his power. But recently, not only can I not even feel his presence anymore, my powers are wonky and far weaker than before, even weaker than before I was awakened.

I used to have very good control over my powers. A while ago, it fell apart. Now if I sneeze, the channel will change. Do you have any ideas helping me get my powers back under control?

I have no idea what I am. I can control the wind and ice and have even more core abilities tying me to chaos, darkness, etc. Any help would be great.

Also, I mentioned a demon that was forced inside of me (again, not by choice). Unfortunately when it happened, I was unable to move. I was pinned down by what felt like incredible gravity. A woman I have never seen before entered the room I was in, but I was unable to see her face (because of the gravity). Now all she did was walk into the room, lay her hand on my arm, kiss my forehead, say "I love you," and leave. Now I will go into detail: she was extremely pale, dressed like a 17 year old, looked like a 17 year old, and wore mostly black. When she touched my arm, it felt like a red hot burning titanic was cutting off my arm (not fun). Then she left and I bolted back up off the floor (because I was forced down). A witch friend of mine said she put a mid-level demon in me. She also said that is supposed to be impossible and has no idea why I'm alive. I was able to contact him (not a nice guy by the way), and I can forcefully use his powers. I have powers of my own, but I'm not a witch. Me and my very close friend have nearly opposite abilities, mine being complete ice and wind control along with a core of chaos powers, core meaning directly from me. We have nicknamed it Oblivion. His powers are fire, an odd type of nature ability, and some weird space creation power we nicknamed Genesis. We also get visions of a kingdom that fell into darkness. We were forced out, but we only get bits and pieces, so it's hard to decipher. Anything is helpful. By the way, I would ask my witch friend, but she would kill me for not telling her the whole story, and she is not exactly new, but that doesn't mean she know a lot.

Sorry for bombarding you with questions, but I have an ability that doesn't suit my others at all. My others seem survival, stealth, or battle-related. I just randomly knew how to use the ability to completely drive pain away from a hurting person. If I try hard enough, it heals the actual wound instantly. I place my hands together, my fingers overlap, but my palms don't, and I send forth a separate energy than I'm used to. My hands heat up and I place them over the harmed area of the person without touching them. One, what is it? Two, is there a better or more efficient way to use it? Thanks.


Dear Mace,

You and your friend seriously need to back off the video games, sci-fi movies, crazy T.V. shows, and comics and come back to reality.  Some of what you experienced MIGHT be true... but it gets lost in the "demon" and "powers" nonsense you wrote.


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Laila from Baltimore, MD

Hi, I don't know if you can help me or not, but I'm a natural born witch, and when I turned 16, I didn't get my full powers. I just got part of them, which I don't know when I'm using them or how. Is there anything I can do to gain my full power? I really don't know what to do, but I can feel a part of me is missing. I would appreciate any help. I am now 21 and I can feel a piece of me missing. Is there anything I can do at all? I know I have great gifts.


Dear Laila,

I think you might have confused fictional powers with real powers. Any powers that you have you were born with. Period.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hannah from New South Wales, Australia

To start I am twelve, so hear me out. Don't just ignore me for my age, so here I go. Okay, so the other day in class we went outside to meditate (my teacher does this from time to time). My class was lying out on the concrete and it was fairly sunny so I put my cap over my face to stop the glaring of the sun on my eyes. The teacher began the meditation and I had my eyes opened and one of the specks of light that was shining through my hat was if freeing to all the rest. What I mean is that when I focused on it, it enlarged, and when I blinked my right eye it also blinked. The color was an electric blue and the pattern of it was of a mixture of the movement of lava and moment of bubbles through water. I thought it was kinda weird and strange. I wasn't creeped out by it or startled. I was just fascinated so I just kept looking at it. What does this mean or was it just a trick of light? Also at the same time when I put my right hand up to my ear and wriggled my fingers about, I could clearly see it projected up onto my hat like my hat was a screen and there was a camera on my ear (I am lying down during this meditation). I was also fascinated by this. It was clearly shown on my hat. My fingers were pigmented and were moving the same as my hand. I couldn't see my actual hand with my eyes because my hat was covering them (my hat is a cap). I thought it was amazing so I told my parents and my most trusted friend. They believe me, but can you explain this to me please? I am so confused, especially about my hand, and I know it wasn't a shadow. It was a clear projection of my hand. Also that night I decided while I was in bed to do the same meditation and when I stopped saying the words (my eyes are closed by the way) it was like everything happening at once on my eyelids and my brain felt sort of dizzy. When I say dizzy, I sort of mean overwhelmed by the movement of my eyelids. I opened my eyes and looked at the wall next to my bed and the shadows began to move. I couldn't clearly make out what was happening but it seemed to be two people (blurred figures) passing each other something or just taking each other's hand. I couldn't focus properly on it but I kept my eyes closed. I would have been able to see the imagery clearly. What does this mean? I am so confused. Is it just my mind playing up? I want to be a witch. Are these signs or just weird happenings? Also I have had moments when I either dreamt or thought of something random (when I say random i mean it pops into my head out of the blue. They are really pretty basic thoughts otherwise) and then they happen. Right now I can't remember all of the thoughts I had, but one of them was that I saw a blonde girl in my dream and she liked the same stuff I did and went to the same high school as me and we became friends. Strangely enough, that happened. Other things happened but I can't remember. Also today in math class I was sitting next to my friend. It's our little thing just go up to their faces and be doing a weird face. We laugh about it and all, but this time I was working on a problem when I thought that she was peering over my shoulder doing a face. When I turned around to see her, she was just back on her side of the desk working. That was strange but I always feel like there is a presence around me. I don't know. Please answer my experiences, and sorry that it was so long.


Dear Hannah,

The swirling light you saw during your meditation was the energy surrounding you. When you meditate, you naturally lower your protective walls, which allowed you to see the energy moving around you.

The shadowy/blurred people you saw were spirits. It was also a spirit you felt behind you.  The presence you always feel around you is also a spirit, but it's your spirit guide.

You might want to research enhancing your medium abilities!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ally from Virginia

Is this more of a black magic kind of thing? I'm just confused.


Dear Ally,

So am I. I think you deleted the first half of your question.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Sergio from Woodbridge, VA

We have recently taken to smudging our house on a regular basis. What advice can you give on smudging people? Is there any difference? Should more care be given?


Dear Sergio,

Yes, more care should be given because red embers burn! Personally, I like to stay about 10-12 inches away from the person's body. Starting at their feet, move the sage bundle from side to side until you reach their head, then swirl the smoke around the head, creating a halo 10-12 inches above their hairline. I'm always really careful to pay attention to any embers that may fall and put them out quickly.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mariah from Chicago, IL

I've been doing spells since I was little to a teenager to a young woman. I'm about to buy an agate ring. You can do rituals with this ring and other magic stuff. Is this ring going to help me cast spells this time?


Dear Mariah,

Uh huh.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sandman from Santiago, Dominican Republic

I was married for almost seven years and after my divorce, it seems like I can't find the right girl. I'm dating someone now and truly like her a lot, but I don't think she feels the same for me. Please, how can I find someone that I can finally feel it's worth to give it a try?


Dear Sandman,

You can try modifying the love spell we wrote for Merlin from Camelot, VA. Good luck!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Amanda from Silver Spring, MD

I am seeking justice, but I do not want to step into the oh-so-tempting revenge spectrum.

My father is a cheater. He cheats on everyone he pledges his love to. My mother is in no way a victim in this; she is a full-blown narcissist and is obsessed with my father. She admitted to us siblings that she had us to get my father to marry her, then blamed us for my father leaving her. He left her a long time ago (20 years) and married someone else, but continuously cheats on his current wife with my mother. The two of them together are a perfect storm of crazy.

I am very tired of the drama they bring. They constantly play their children against one another. We try to stay out of it, but there is only so much you can do to avoid it. We understand that they are adults and will do whatever they please, but dragging everyone around them into their mess is intolerable.

Is there anything I could do to bring some justice to these selfish people? Am I "playing god" because I just want this madness to end? Is there some way to keep them from hurting others? 20 years of this madness is enough. We are at our wits' end.


Dear Amanda,

Not with that level of crazy! You're dealing with a level of crazy that magick probably won't be able to touch. If possible, remove yourself from any situation they're involved in. The last thing you want is for your dad to divorce and remarry your mom. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don't.