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Monday, January 5, 2015

BellaDonna from Fort Collins, CO

Hi, I'm a witch and I'm having trouble owning my belief system. I recently got a friend a blessing candle and some sage and wrote a blessing for her new store. Someone else that she works with refused to work if the candle was burning! She claimed it's dark and the devil's work. This was incredibly hurtful, and anyone that knows anything about Wicca knows that's not what we are about! How do you deal with soap box Christians? I was feeling so open and welcomed then completely shut down! In a world where I feel we've come so far, I feel I'm starting at ground zero! I don't want to hide anymore!


Dear BellaDonna,

People suck, plain and simple. Most will talk crap or make assumptions about things they just don't understand or have very little knowledge about.  
I used to be an in-your-face witch, but as I get older I have found I don't really need to be. I can't change someone's opinion on Wicca by being combative. Instead, I choose to show them the real me. If people don't accept you because you're a practitioner of Wicca, then fuck 'em, I say.