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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bridgetta from Sterling, VA

One day I came home and the overhead light in the kitchen would just not trigger. It's not a light I can replace, so I cooked dinner by the stove light and was preparing to request a maintenance appointment, but the next day it was fine and functional. This random power malfunction started happening more and more frequently as time went on, and then it stopped.

A few months later, l came home and my bedside lamp was blown...or so I thought. I turned the bulb and it seemed to be fine. Then every day for about a week, I would come home and the lightbulb to my bedside lamp would be loose and I would have to tighten it...every time. I thought maybe there was a spirit in my home, but then one day that randomly stopped too. It stayed lit from then on. I didn't replace the bulb at any time. That was early this summer.

That stopped awhile ago, but just today, I was preparing to replace three blown bulbs of the five in my bathroom, and I turned one bulb the incorrect way to unscrew it and it lit right up! And the same was the case with the other two "blown" bulbs.

I smudged my house and myself in September after an encounter (which I shared on here) with what I can only assume is a malicious spirit or shadow person in which I was attacked in my sleep. Today was my last day in the apartment, so I won't be returning to that space, BUT I want to know if this is some kind of trend of electrical flukes or a spirit? And if it is a spirit, is it malicious? Can it follow me to my new home?


Dear Bridgetta,

It might be a fluke because you life in an apartment. All those vibrations of the people living in the building can loosen the bulbs. It's not uncommon in apartments and townhouses.

But it might also be a spirit. When you life in an apartment building or townhouse, you don't only have your energy, but the energy of every person who shares a connecting wall; the people to the right and left of you, and those below and above you. All of those people's energies can manifest a spirit, especially if they are particularly nasty or negative. The energy can collect and can create a spirit manifestation. It's not the type of spirit of a person who has moved on. It would be a collection of the negative energy of all those living around you. If this is the case, no, it should not follow you.

To be safe though, try some easy home protection measures like these I recommended to Star from Europe.