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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Layla from Silver Spring, MD

I'm just starting my journey into witchcraft so of course I have a thousand and one questions! One of my burning ones is: how do I create my own spell and organize the right ritual for it? Like choosing the right herbs, oils, stones, candles, words, etc? I just ordered several books to read so I still don't know much, but from my basic understanding, it seems like mostly everything centers around intention. So would it, hypothetically, work because I will it to, even though it's not an "established" spell? And, extending from that...what makes a spell different from another, if they have the same result? For example, there can be countless "abundance" spells and techniques to perform them...why would they all work? Is there a way one spell is more powerful over another? Thanks so much in advance!!


Dear Layla,

Spells are fueled by the need for the outcome. Your intention is what causes the spell to succeed or fail.

You are the most powerful tool in your magickal cabinet. With just a thought the emotions and your pointer finger, you can cast the most powerful spell. Herbs, gemstones, oils, colors, etc can all help us to focus on what our intention is. Gemstones and herbs can add some energy to your spellwork, but really not enough to make a significant difference. By adding your intention to the gemstones, herbs, oils, etc, you're adding more energy to the spell and thereby increasing your chances for success.

Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences is a fantastic book to have on hand for creating your own rituals and spells.