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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nancy from California

Hi, I'm asking about the "Joining Together Spell," which is quite easy and seems so nice to do. I love this boy and I want him to prose to me on a specific date. However, I was wondering, can you write "you will propose to me on -insert date-" under the "you love me" written words?

Please answer my question. I want to try the spell soon so I was hoping you could answer quickly.

Also, when the spell is done and has been cast, is there a way I could discard the two pictures? Is it okay to wet them in water, completely wet, and flush them or something? Because I don't want my parents seeing the pictures and everything. If there is a better way to get rid of them, could you tell me about it? (As long as it's not scary and all...) Plus, could I cut them to itty bitty shreds and flush them away? It wouldn't hurt our relationship and the spell right?

Again, thanks in advance for answering this question. Could you please give me your email so I can ask you questions in private so it would be better? Thanks.


Dear Nancy,

Hell, no, I am not giving you my private email address! I have a life outside of Ask-A-Witch that does not include sitting in front of my computer all day long to be the instantaneous beck-and-call Ask-A-Witch.

I have no idea of what "Joining Together Spell" you're talking about, however when it comes to disposing of pictures, whatever method you feel is best is fine. If you want to cut the pictures into tiny pieces and flush them, go ahead. If you want to wet them and flush them, go ahead. If you want to put them in a fireproof container and set fire to them go ahead.