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Friday, January 30, 2015

Sarah from Richmond, VA

As a college student, things can become stressful very easily. I have been studying crystals and frequency since school began, trying to raise my spiritual awareness and become a more actively positive person; the only things getting in my way are the occasional bad affects of medication.

For the most part, I feel spiritually in tuned with the Universe and with my higher self. It's only when I take my ADHD medication, for school, that I feel out of balance. Normally I am hyper and social with everyone around me, and although I sometimes feel my inner child comes out, I feel easy going and free flowing. Overall, I love being unmedicated, but I need medication to stay focused and on task with my academics.

When I take my medication, my body feels deprived of all energy. I am out of touch with my spiritual self. I see people I would normally strike up conversation with, but then I would rather stay silent and talk to them another time, when I don't feel like everything I communicate will come out half-hearted and awkward. I can't speak, my thoughts are an irrational mess with no linkage points, and I loose sleep and my appetite.

I absolutely hate this zombie-affect my medication has on me. I feel detached, depressed, and just drained. Are there any crystals, herbs, spells, our daily prayers I can use to counteract these negative affects of my meds? Please, any suggestions, anything at all, would be greatly appreciated. I am doing all I can for myself, like eating healthy and remembering to stay positive (working from daily exercises to raise my vibrational rate), but I think magick can give me that extra push needed to get me through those moments, on my meds, where nothing seems to work.

Lastly, I just need to thank you for all that you are doing. I haven't yet had the time to come to your shop in Occoquan, but I will be sure to visit at my earliest opportunity. (My sister is the one who introduced me to your work). In the meantime, your blog has been exceptionally useful to me. Stay blessed and have a beautiful day!


Dear Sarah,

Let me start off by saying that I'm really proud of you for staying on your medication. You understand the importance of staying on it, and despite its side effects, you continue on it. That says a lot about you, and I really look forward to meeting you.

Gemstones: Citrine and carnelian are both energy and confidence boosters. Moonstone, sunstone, and amethyst help connect you with your spirituality. Use blue lace agate to de-stress and help get rid of anxiety when talking to other people. Fluorite is useful because it can help in all areas of the brain.

Herbs: Don't use herbs medicinally because they could possibly counteract the ADHD medication. Magickally speaking, herbs like lemon peel, orange peel, sunflower, calendula, St. John's wort, rosemary, lavender, and jasmine can all help with building confidence, energy, spirituality, and helping to ease depression.

Incantations: "I am the one, I am the power." Repeating this over and over again. I really like to use malas/prayer beads when doing affirmations because it helps me to focus on what I'm doing and it helps me to reenforce the ideas and the emotions behind the affirmation.

We are really happy that you enjoy reading the blog! Hope you enjoy reading the future posts we have coming.