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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dominik from Weert, Netherlands

Hello, I know I'm still 17, but I want to ask if there is something like a spell or magic for luck. Actually I'm very realistic and mostly I don't believe in this kind of stuff, but I thought that it can't do any harm to try this. I had and I still have (for some parts) a difficult life. So finally I wondered if there is something that can bring at least a small piece of luck into my life. It can be a luck stone, spell or what so ever, but please help me.


Dear Dominik,

For luck, I like to carry around a piece of green aventurine and a piece of lodestone in my pocket. Be sure to cleanse the stones when you first get them, hold them in the palms of your hands, and see/think/sense/feel all kinds of good luck flowing into those gemstones. Put them into your pockets and carry them around with you. Recleanse and recharge them once a week.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Bisrat from Louisiana

Hello, I've got a question to ask you. I am a Christian, Orthodox actually, and I have been researching quite a bit in witchcraft. First it was just for the sake of knowledge, but after exploring, I've become more attracted to it. My problem is that I am a somewhat devoted Christian, and well, to a Christian, witchcraft=devil. Is there any way that one person could be a witch and not worship anything and just be a Christian? FYI, I'm a teenager and emotional and spiritual advice from you will be greatly appreciated. Thank for your time.


Dear Bisrat,

No, you can't be a Christian Wiccan. One is a polytheistic religion (worshipping more than one deity) and the other is a monotheistic religion (worshipping only one deity). Having said that, while you can't be a Wiccan and Christian at the same time, the practice of magick can be done in Christianity. Magick is nothing more than the focusing of one's energy to create change in one's life.

P.S. As a practicing witch, I find it offenseive that you think the devil is in my practice. Let me assure you, the devil has no part in MY religious beliefs; he is in YOURS.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Alexis from Hammond, LA

Is there a spell that can cure me from physical illness? I was born with eczema all over my skin, legs, neck, thighs, arms, and stomach, and it's preventing me from living a normal teenage life. I cry and want to do bad things and I can't get it out of my head that I'm cursed because everything is bad in my life. Is there anything I could do to fix me? Or at least how I look...


Dear Alexis,

First of all, ask your mom to take you to a new doctor. There have been some prescription medications that have come out in the last couple of years which can help with skin issues such as eczema.

Magickally speaking, Reiki treatment could help. So could working with the goddesses Isis and Hygea, and the gods Dionysys and Ganesh. Although I doubt you'll find a cure in magick, you might find some lessening of the eczema and/or confidence building, especially when added to a medical treatment plan.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shannon from USA

I was working with candle magic last night for the first time in three years. Today I decided to randomly take my dog out to the creek and I found all these quarters in the water. It was like a wishing well in the creek. Maybe it has nothing to do with craft, maybe it was just a coincidence, but I just thought it was weird, and so unexpected. Random things like this haven't happened for awhile.


Dear Shannon,

If your candle spell was about prosperity, then it was an answer from the universe.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Michael from Jackson, CA

My wife is under a spell. I'm trying to figure out what type of spell it is. The neighbor and my wife are together. He is the one I believe put the spell on my wife.


Dear Michael,

It's called cheating. No spell required. Sorry, dude, move on.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Kain from Michigan

My mother cast something on me as a baby while still a fetus. I was dying by suffocation from my umbilical cord being wrapped around my neck. The doctors were amazed to find that two weeks later it was unwrapped and I was no longer presumed to be a still-born child. What is the name of the spell (if that's what it is) that she would have used so I can find out why it effects me today?


Dear Kain,

It's called love. If what you say is true, your mother loved you enough to send all of her energy, thoughts, and emotions to unwrap the umbilical cord and save your life. Be grateful.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Al from Spokane, WA

I just read a response you gave about a candle and it prickled my memory about something I have read somewhere. Essentially, the writer was arguing that one should extinguish a candle with a snuffer rather than blowing it out. Do you agree? If so, why?


Dear Al,

No, I don't agree. I am putting my energy into the candle, lighting the candle, and then expecting the energy to go through my walls, brick, mortar, concrete, etc into the universe to bring about my change. After all of that, does my blowing out the candle really make all that magick stop, or was someone out there trying to add a little extra witchy-poo to candle burning?


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Phil from South Carolina

I had a dream of a symbol some time ago. It's the four moon phases: full moon on top, new moon below that, first and last quarters on the side, with the points of the crescent moons facing out. I know that it must be my power symbol, but are there any historical references? Does it have a name?


Dear Phil,

The symbol is called the triple goddess.


Friday, February 20, 2015

Niketa from Horsham, Australia

Hi. I am seeking answers on a few things and am thankful for any help you may give me. First, are witches able to harness both white and black magic? Second, can powers be transferred to dead witches or people for any reason? Third, I thought with most spells, there would be rituals, moon phases, and stuff like that to cast them? Fourth, are people able to be brought back from the dead? I'm sorry for all the questions. I need help and I have been spun all this stuff by a friend, well, someone who is meant to be a friend. I believe in witchcraft and Wicca, but I'm sure what I have spun is not right.


Dear Niketa,

1 - There is no such thing as white and black magick. Magick follows the intent of the practitioner.

2 - No, powers cannot be transferred to anyone, living or deceased.

3 - Not all spells require moon phases and other accoutrements.

4 - No, nobody can be brought back from the dead. And why the eff would you want to bring someone back? They're dead. They're in the Summerland, a better place than here.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Scott from Florida

I've been pagan for some time now, and I don't usually work with much magic (mostly just worship the Gods and Goddesses). But I have worked with runes, spirit boards, and things of that nature. For a while now, I've been feeling like I might be cursed by possibly multiple people, some intentional and some possibly not (like the evil eye and any other forms of magic like it). I was hoping you could name off some herbs, gemstones, or just supplies in general for a total reversal spell and a curse removal spell. I plan on making this spell on my own. I'm just looking for some advice on anything you could think of to make a curse reversal spell more effective and where to start with a curse removal spell. Thank you for any response you may provide and blessed be.


Dear Scott,
13 Magickal Moons makes a curse removal kit and candle, which have had high success rates!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tamy from Abu Dhabi

I have a question that I've been thinking about a lot. Maybe you can answer it for me. I've been reading a lot of books about being a witch, and I should have Poitier power for my knowledge, but I don't. Why? None of the spells I've been casting have worked!

Another question, if I have trouble in school and I know my mom would kill me if she knew, can I like do a trick to make them forget that I did something wrong, like using a witch power to save my day without doing spells and candles and herbs?! Answer my question please!


Dear Tamy,

Question 1: Most spells fail because you didn't put enough intention/energy into the spell or you had negative thoughts about the spell after you performed it.

Question 2: Honey, there are realistic spells and unrealistic spells. You are asking for an unrealistic spell. Not gonna happen.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Becca from Richmond, VA

I have been having issues with what I believe to be depression. It seems to only effect me in the winter. Why is this, and is there anything I can do about this that does not involve burning candles or incense?


Dear Becca,

One of the best ways to combat season affective disorder (SAD) is use a wide-spectrum sunlamp in the winter. Try to watch more comedies and stay away from comfort foods!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Carl from Canada

Hello, I asked a question last year and I wasn't really satisfied because you referred me to books. My question was what does it mean when you look in the mirror and your eyes turn black with constellations (stars)? I would really like an answer. And since it happened, I got all kinds of energy moving in my brain. I am scared to talk about that to anyone because of their reactions.


Dear Carl,

It could possibly mean that you have overdosed on whatever drug you are currently taking or that you are in serious need of some psychiatric treatment.

Black eyes could mean your pupils have widened dramatically, which can be caused by some medical condition or medication, not anything of metaphysical origin. But as for the stars, I have never heard of such a thing before (outside of fiction novels).

In case you don't understand what I'm saying, it's that I don't believe your eyes turn black with constellations (stars) within them. Physically just not possible.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Frances from Australia

Hi, I have always wondered if I was cursed when I was baptized. My parents told me the story about how my godmother, a friend of my father's side of the family, was doing creepy stuff at my Christening. I am Catholic, and at my baptism my godmother, who was holding me, was transferring her spittle to my mouth and my spittle to hers, back and forth. My mother, who noticed what my godmother was doing, quickly removed me from her arms. My life has been tainted by conflicting people and bad situations. I have never truly been able to be happy and fulfilled. I have always been messed up with stress and conflicting situations. My health has suffered emotionally and physically. I don't think what she did was a blessing, but a curse. Can anyone tell me what she did, and what does it mean?


Dear Frances,

In some cultures, spitting on a child is believed to keep evil from them. It could have been, in your godmother's mind, a positive thing to do. If you still truly feel that you have been cursed, 13 Magickal Moons has a curse removal kit that has an extremely high success rate.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sai from Hyderabad, India

I want a spell without any danger, and it should be easy. I want to do whatever I want, but nothing dangerous. I will give some examples of what I want, but the spell should work for everything. For example, if I want to go to the past, I have to go back. If I want to come back to my present, I have to come back. If I want answers in my school exams, I have to get them. The spell should be able to be used for everything, but it should not be at all dangerous, please.


Dear Sai,

There is no such thing as a "give me all the shit I want" spell.

There is also no such as time travel. If there was, I would go back in time to prevent you from writing this question.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Mireya from Escondido, CA

With the love wishing bean (tonka beans), does it really matter what running water it is? I live away from water and I got a cup of water, poured in in the street along where the sidewalk runs, and made my seven wishes. I know it didn't get in the water. Is it bad luck? If so, how do I take care of it? I'm really scared. Please help.


Dear Mireya,

Why are you afraid? Generally, when a spell is talking about running water, it's a lake or a stream, but if all you have is a cup and tap water, go for it. The water is still moving, therefore the wishes are still being carried to the divine via the moving water. For future reference, do not cast spells that you aren't 100% positive will work.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Regina from El Paso, TX

Hello! I'm writing because of a dream I had. There was a guy in my dream but I don't remember if I know him. He was handing me a double-edged knife. I reached for it, closed my hand around it, and cut across my whole palm. I could feel the sting of my skin separating when I opened my hand and then the weird sensation that gives me the chills when you feel a cut close again. I told the guy he should never leave his blade unsheathed. This dream was strange to me because I never use the word "unsheathed". If this had happened while I was awake, first of all I never would have cut myself and second, instead of using the word "unsheathed" I would have told him he shouldn't leave his knife uncovered or open. I'm more used to pocket knives than double edged knives. The reason I'm asking you about my dream is because I'm pretty sure I dreamt of an athame. I looked it up in online dream dictionaries but athame is never given as an option. Only knife. Can you tell me anything about what I dreamt?


Dear Regina,

My interpretation of your dream is that it sounds like there will be a spiritual conflict with someone that's going to be quick and explosive but healed over quickly.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kayla from Fairfax Station, VA

I've been doing "Twin Flame Reunion" meditations for about a month now, and I had a dream where I was pregnant with my twin flame's baby. (Twin Flame was a phrase specifically spoken in the dream.) I'm not sure if you buy into twin flames, but I was wondering, does my dream indicate my twin flame coming into my life? Thanks!


Dear Kayla,

Your twin flame is coming into something if you're pregnant! ;) The dream can represent your twin flame coming into your life, so if that's the case, you want to make sure to put yourself out there as safely as possible. And keep this in mind: sometimes our perfect mate doesn't come in the perfect package.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jennifer from Tulsa, OK

I am a pagan, not specifically a witch. I pray to the Goddess but don't practice Wicca. I was involved with a man and gave him a lock of my hair. He broke up with me at the behest of his wife (don't judge). Although I was in complete agreement and will respect his wife's wishes forever, I still find that he has some effect on me. Is there any way to combat this?


Dear Jennifer,

You are going to want to undo, unbind, cut ties, etc with this guy. Essentially you want to undo any vows that you spoke or thought with him.

And wtf were you doing giving anybody a lock of your hair? Don't do that again.


Monday, February 9, 2015

Leed from Virginia

Hi, I'm desperately desperate to know if someone who tells me he loves me is really telling me the truth? How can I read his mind?


Dear Leed,

You can't. If you really want to know how your relationship is going, you can consider trying a tarot reading. We recommend John, who is happy to do phone readings as well as in-person readings.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rose from Conroe, TX

I see a lot about offerings to the Lord and Lady and to different deities, or about people finding their specific deity to offer to and ask from. How do I make offerings to the Lord and Lady, can I make offerings to any god or goddess of my choosing like the healing goddess if I do a healing ritual, or so on? What do I offer to them, and when is the best time to do it?


Dear Rose,

When we leave an offering for the God and Goddess, it is generally something that is appropriate for the specific situation. When I am working with Kali, I keep a bowl of jasmine on my altar with honey in it because jasmine and honey are sacred to her. When I'm working with Isis and Osiris, I usually burn handmade kyphi incense on my altar because kyphi is an ancient ritual incense the Egyptians used to use. If I am working with Pan or the Greenman, I have a bowl of willow and oak bark on my altar. For the healing goddess, I would have a bowl of St. John's wort and lavender.

If you want to have an offering to specific deities, you want to make sure you do your research and use items sacred to them. The best time to leave an offering is intuitive, whenever it feels right. Personally I put the offering on my altar, leave it for a few days, and change it out.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Theresa from Wisconsin

A friend and I are new to witchcraft and would like to start a small coven. We've been reading up on several websites and library books about witchcraft.

So far, we don't have much, let alone any, magical ability (although we had a few coincidences, such as dreams that showed the future a few times), and we're only fourteen and fifteen. To begin, we want to start on some easy, beginner spiritual spells/rituals; however, we're having troubles finding reliable ones online. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!


Dear Theresa,

If y'all live near a bookstore, I suggest you pool your money together and buy Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf. When looking online for rituals and spells, you want to be specific in your search. To find an Ostara rituals (the upcoming sabbat), I would type in "Ostara rituals for teens".


Friday, February 6, 2015

Max from Winnipeg, Canada

My girlfriend/soon to be fiancé and I want to do a private handfasting, and without a long material list. Any advice?


Dear Max,

You and your soon to be fiance can stand together under the sky and make vows to each other, no materials needed.

My sister and her fiance handfasted to each other on their boat on the water under a full moon. It was just the two of them, a candle, and a bottle of wine.


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Theonn from Newport News, VA

Ok, I call myself Wiccan, but I am financially strapped so I haven't been able to purchase any tools. All I have are books and information I get from surfing the net. My question is without any tools to perform rituals, am I truly Wiccan?


Dear Theonn,

Yes, you are. Magick comes from inside of you and around you. Tools a witch possess merely help focus intention. They're not required.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Open Imbolc Ritual

Blessed Imbolc!

Wednesday, February 4, 7:30 pm
*Ritual will be held rain or shine!*

Merry Meet! Come and join in the celebration of the next turning of the wheel. 13 Magickal Moons is hosting an Open Imbolc Ritual on Wednesday, February 4 at 7:30 pm during Tea Night (6-9 pm every Wednesday). Join us for an evening of magick and mystery! Bring a dish to share and be sure to dress accordingly for the weather!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Isis from Virginia

Hello! I would like to know if you can do a honey jar on someone and freeze them at the same time.


Dear Isis,

Yes. Just make sure you don't fill the jar all the way up. Leave at least 1/4 of the jar empty at the top to allow for freezing.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Bailie from Ontario, Canada

Hello, I have recently come to terms with the fact that I am different and can do things other people can't mentally grasp. I feel recently these "gifts" are becoming more dominant and are starting to show themselves more. For example, (as insane as this sounds) I can read people's thoughts, more specifically, pictures from people's thoughts. I'm more attuned to spirits. I've always had this ability but lately it's been getting -for lack of a better word- crazy. I can make people do things they don't want to (nothing harmful) by just WANTING them to do them. I also can't explain it better than me "knowing" things without knowing the origin of this knowledge. I can do so much more, but for your benefit of having this novel to read already, I'll stop there. I've tried reading books, blogs, websites, seeing people who claim to be genuine, but it all seems hokey to me. I need guidance because I actually think if I don't learn how to control these "powers"/"gifts" I'll spiral out of control. Any direction you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Dear Bailie,

Dude, I don't even know what to say to you. Half of your post sounds serious and the other half sounds like some kind of bad movie.

Claircognizance is the ability to know things with no perceivable way of knowing it. If you really want to learn how to control these "gifts", black tourmaline can help create a barrier between you and other people which should help you enough to want to not invade their privacy. Reading other people's thoughts and forcing them to do your bidding is shitty and is something you can control if you want to. If you can in fact do these things, then you are choosing to do them.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Becky from Eunice, LA

I couldn't not be more of a witch even if I didn't want to. I bluntly tell anyone who is just curious these days. I've known for two years after a series of events, and I could most definitely write you a book. Anywho, I'm 27. Until I was 25, I was taught there is no such thing as magick. So I was literally blindsided when my great uncle sat me down to "pass" his gift, which I now know has been passed down every other generation and skipping a sex. I am the only female who was a generation over. It's the events leading to getting passed the gift and the events till now. A month before, give or take, I woke up and my fingertips were smoking as was everything and everyone. I learned about what an aura was that day. I'm a black sheep so anything I ever said was dismissed. So I said nothing and secretly wanted to check myself in to a crazy house. I couldn't wrap my head around the idea that magick is real...really real. This journey has been wild, and that's an understatement. I was born June 22 on the cusp of magick. I have seen a fairy and wasn't even aware until a year later during my thirst for knowledge. Suddenly my whole existence makes sense, from childhood. Now I don't get out too much because I'm so sensitive. Is it normal to want to run off and live in the woods and be a mad woman while I have a family at home? I know I'm very magickal. I need help tuning it down to feel normal so I don't go check myself in. My uncle who passed me the gift has Alzheimer's, therefore he could only pass it to me but couldn't explain any of it. He also passed it to me in broken Cajun French, which I can handle. I am American by birth, Cajun by the gift of God/Goddess. I need some direction. I'm an indigo holding a lot of resentment towards my parents. They are just telling me that the house I grew up in did in fact have a ghost after 10 years of telling me I was crazy. I just moved out as soon as I was of age. They are also telling me stories about me being a toddler lost in the Gulf of Mexico, that I shouldn't had made it, and told them at age three there were angels under the water with me. I really need help controlling the magick and my sensitivity. The best way to put it is I wake up every day with my world on fire. I am very blessed, but I need advice on channeling it in an useful way. I am a woman of integrity, a mother, and a spouse. I feel isolated and alone...please help.


Dear Becky,

Oh my gods, you almost made my brain bleed! What in the hell is "the cusp of magick"?

Okay, so there is some seriousness in your whole post that I think I can respond to. To help control your gifts, you definitely want to wear black tourmaline, hematite, and blue lace agate. Stay far away from clear quartz, citrine, and carnelian. Every morning when you wake up, I would recommend doing a grounding and centering. Repeat this grounding and centering as often as you need to keep the crazy at bay. Once you're feeling calmer, it may not be a bad idea to make an appointment with a general practitioner to rule out a chemical imbalance in your brain.