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Friday, February 20, 2015

Niketa from Horsham, Australia

Hi. I am seeking answers on a few things and am thankful for any help you may give me. First, are witches able to harness both white and black magic? Second, can powers be transferred to dead witches or people for any reason? Third, I thought with most spells, there would be rituals, moon phases, and stuff like that to cast them? Fourth, are people able to be brought back from the dead? I'm sorry for all the questions. I need help and I have been spun all this stuff by a friend, well, someone who is meant to be a friend. I believe in witchcraft and Wicca, but I'm sure what I have spun is not right.


Dear Niketa,

1 - There is no such thing as white and black magick. Magick follows the intent of the practitioner.

2 - No, powers cannot be transferred to anyone, living or deceased.

3 - Not all spells require moon phases and other accoutrements.

4 - No, nobody can be brought back from the dead. And why the eff would you want to bring someone back? They're dead. They're in the Summerland, a better place than here.