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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Regina from El Paso, TX

Hello! I'm writing because of a dream I had. There was a guy in my dream but I don't remember if I know him. He was handing me a double-edged knife. I reached for it, closed my hand around it, and cut across my whole palm. I could feel the sting of my skin separating when I opened my hand and then the weird sensation that gives me the chills when you feel a cut close again. I told the guy he should never leave his blade unsheathed. This dream was strange to me because I never use the word "unsheathed". If this had happened while I was awake, first of all I never would have cut myself and second, instead of using the word "unsheathed" I would have told him he shouldn't leave his knife uncovered or open. I'm more used to pocket knives than double edged knives. The reason I'm asking you about my dream is because I'm pretty sure I dreamt of an athame. I looked it up in online dream dictionaries but athame is never given as an option. Only knife. Can you tell me anything about what I dreamt?


Dear Regina,

My interpretation of your dream is that it sounds like there will be a spiritual conflict with someone that's going to be quick and explosive but healed over quickly.