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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Theresa from Wisconsin

A friend and I are new to witchcraft and would like to start a small coven. We've been reading up on several websites and library books about witchcraft.

So far, we don't have much, let alone any, magical ability (although we had a few coincidences, such as dreams that showed the future a few times), and we're only fourteen and fifteen. To begin, we want to start on some easy, beginner spiritual spells/rituals; however, we're having troubles finding reliable ones online. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!


Dear Theresa,

If y'all live near a bookstore, I suggest you pool your money together and buy Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf. When looking online for rituals and spells, you want to be specific in your search. To find an Ostara rituals (the upcoming sabbat), I would type in "Ostara rituals for teens".