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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hazel from Northern Virginia

So I've recently discovered that I'm an empath. Before, I I just figured they were emotional issues and lived a stressful life. In the last few months I've become very much at peace with myself on a spiritual level. I want to keep my faith alive. Since finding my gift, I've been able to sleep better and meditate anywhere at anytime with no problem. I'm still having problems controlling all of the negative energy and pain that I'm picking up.

What are some things or exercises I can do to help train my mind and body to not react to these feelings? They can be very overwhelming and scary at times.

I ask because my daughter picks up on them as well, and I'd like to be able to help her so she doesn't have to suffer growing up the way I did.


Dear Hazel,

One of the best ways to control empathic abilities is to work with them as often as possible. Think of negative energy as screaming and positive energy as whispering. Negative energy is easier to pick up because it's thicker, denser, louder, which also means it's the easiest to block out. Envision a suit of armor made out of adamantium, allowing energy out, air in, but not allowing anyone else's energy in towards you. By getting into the practice of doing this every day with your daughter before ever leaving the house and doing touch ups during the day, you'll find that things improve dramatically. You'll want your daughter to be extremely proficient at this before she enters into high school which is a cesspool of negative emotions.