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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lulu from Stop, KY

My cat, Salem, has gone missing. Is there a spell that will really work to bring him home or at least protect him from harm? Please help me. I love my cat dearly.


Dear Lulu,

I'm so sorry, Lulu! I would call on the Egyptian Goddess, Bast, to help bring your Salem home.

Grab a picture of your fur baby (I'm sure you have thousands ♡), a magnet, and a candle (color doesn't matter).

On the back of the picture write a plea to Bast to keep Salem safe and healthy until he comes home. Place the picture on a table facing up, then place the magnet on top of the picture.

Now hold the candle in the palms of your hand and see/sense/feel/know Salem walking back through your door... BELIEVE he will come home healthy and quickly. Place the candle by the picture and magnet and light it.

Please let us know when Salem comes home!!!