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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Paigon from England

Hello, my name is Paigon and I am 17 years old. I did a love spell - I guess that's what it was anyway - a while back. I used a lot of my own blood and then I burned the paper with my words and watched as the smoke fled out into the universe. It worked, and I'm afraid that the only reason some things may have happened were because of this spell. Tonight, I am thinking of doing another blood/average spell. My words are flat and I just want to make the bond between me and the universe stronger. I sometimes beg for sadness as sadness is my only comfort. I do not want to lose Sarah because of this and because of the spell, would bonding my sadness with love be harsh for Sarah's sake? Will it ruin everything we have? I'm sorry if this is crazy and you can't make out what I am saying in the pure sense. But basically I want to be more in love and I don't want to be selfish with magick and Sarah herself. I want stronger love and I am afraid that magick will somehow make chaos. I do trust the universe, but I am afraid I have ruined everything because I have used magick instead of actually falling in love. I don't know but here you go, haha! Thank you.


Dear Paigon,

If you really want to make the bond between yourself and the Universe stronger, connecting and communicating would be much more effective then any spell.

Honey, the fact that you said "sometimes I beg for sadness as sadness is my only comfort," concerns me a great deal! Sadness is something we go through and something we should live by. Please talk to your parents about seeing a psychiatrist or at least a counselor.

Undo whatever spell you did. Sarah doesn't need to be connected to whatever sadness you have going on. Magick should be used to help enhance your life and help improve what you have in your life.

Any love spell you created can be easily undone using the same process you used to create it. In the future, I recommend you don't perform any love spell to strengthen a relationship unless (a) you two are committed to each other and (b) they know about it.