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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Phillip from Johnston, SC

Is there a ritual or spell for depression and anxiety? I suffer from both and it really affects my life. I have anxiety attacks around women, as a result of which, I have been painfully single my whole life. I freeze when around women so bad I can't talk to them in person. This also causes me to freeze during job interviews, which has cost me several jobs. I wanna try magic before I go putting a bunch of chemical pills in my body.


Dear Phillip,

The Ask-A-Witch team takes depression very seriously because it's not only an emotional/mental problem, but a chemical one as well. Please read our article on Depression for more information.

A ritual incorporating the goddess Kwan Yin (compassion) and the god Ganesh (remover of obstacles) has worked for a lot of folks. A lot of images of Kwan Yin involve her pouring healing waters, so anything symbolizing water would work. As for Ganesh, an elephant image would work (as he is the Hindu god with the elephant head). I would also recommend using a pink chime candle for Kwan Yin and a yellow chime candle for Ganesh. You can use a rose quartz gemstone for reducing the depression and a carnelian for motivation and moving forward. You'll charge them during the ritual and then carry them with you once the ritual is complete. Go from the heart when writing the ritual itself; it doesn't have to be complicated, just meaningful for you.