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Friday, May 1, 2015

Travis from Tazewell, TN

I have some major demons I've never told anyone about before. The other night I told my wife, and since then I can feel something coming for me. Hell, sometimes I can see them all shadowy with red eyes. I'm not crazy, but I can feel them grabbing me and I can feel that they want to take me and punish me. It sounds insane but I know they are coming for me. I bought a cheap talisman. I was just hoping there was some kind of blessing or something because I'm scared - not schizophrenic crazy scared - honest to goodness scared of them. I see and feel them all around me. Please send me some advice.


Dear Travis,

It doesn't matter how cheap or expensive a talisman is, it's the intent (energy) that empowers the item.

Hold the talisman in your palms of your hands, close your eyes, and imagine/see/sense/feel/know the talisman creating a protective barrier around you made of the strongest metal you can think of. I like to use adamantium (from X-Men) as my protective barrier. Continue to hold and focus on the talisman until you feel your intent is in it. Carry or wear it at all times.

I don't know what religion you practice, but find a prayer, chant, or incantation you connect with most.

Good luck, honey.