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Saturday, October 31, 2015

James from Clovis, CA

I just lost my aunt to cancer. Lately, I've been seeing grey feathers around the house. What does this mean? I'm new to Wicca and witchcraft and want to do a Samhain ritual for her. But because I'm still learning, I do not want to for fear of something going wrong. The learning process has been slow. Is this normal? And lastly, do you know of any witches or covens in the Fresno/Clovis area of California that will take in new students to help and guide me? Thanks.


Dear James,

First and foremost, my heartfelt sympathies to you and your family. 

Grey feathers are usually messages from the Universe, so in this case I feel as if it's your aunt saying "I'm ok!"

Samhain is a time for honoring our ancestors and those who have passed through the veil and celebrating the life they lived here. I lost my twin brother over twenty years ago, and I still honor him every year. Here are a few suggestions you might want to try:

  • Prepare their favorite meal and set a place for them at your dinner table. When you are done eating, place the plate of food outside for nature's animals to enjoy.
  • Write a letter to them and burn the letter with some lavender. The smoke will carry your message to them.
  • Hold their picture in your hands and talk to them as if they are standing/sitting right next to you.
  • Grab two glasses of wine (beer, shots, etc.) and make a toast to them.
  • Write on a taper candle all the things you loved about your aunt and light the candle to honor the life she lived. Once the candle is about to go out, say your goodbyes.
There is truly no right way to perform something like this. It's all about what makes your feel comfortable and comforted. No matter what you decide to you, allow yourself time to mourn.



Friday, October 30, 2015

Hannes from South Africa

Hi. I don't know if you can tell me about stones or crystals. I found a small rose quartz while walking in a river. It is smooth but has a little piece broken off. I know that the rose crystal is forgiveness. Does this mean anything? What do I do with it? I'll wait for your answer. Thank you.


Dear Hannes,

Rose quartz is a stone for self-love, self-healing, and self-forgiveness. So if you've been beating yourself up over something or have gotten into the habit of daily self-deprecation, then this was the Universe telling you to be more gentle with yourself.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Jaime from Ft. Worth, TX

I did a thunderstorm spell and I feel exhausted. What should I do, meditate or relax?


Dear Jaime

Ground and center, eat something healthy, and relax!


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Samhain Ritual at 13 Magickal Moons

Blessed Samhain!

Wednesday, October 28, 7:30 pm 
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Merry Meet! Come and join in the celebration of the next turning of the wheel. 13 Magickal Moons is hosting an Open Samhain Ritual on Wednesday, October 28 at 7:30 pm during Tea Night (6-9 pm every Wednesday). Join us for an evening of magick and mystery! Bring a dish to share and be sure to dress accordingly for the weather!!! Costumes are welcome! Please no children under the age of 12.

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Within the pages of our magickal datebook, you will find information on:
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kayla from Fairfax Station, VA

This isn't really a question, but a story of how powerful magick can be. I'm away from home for school, and the student health center wanted me to get blood work done. I'm known to faint when I get blood work done. So during a break, I wrote down all of my negative feelings and fears on a sheet of paper and made it into a paper airplane (A harrier, if you're wondering, shout out to the Dangerous Book for Boys!) I put all of my negative feelings' energy into the paper airplane, said a prayer asking Ganesha (remover of obstacles) and Isis (Mother Goddess, since my mom couldn't be there to lend support) (BTW Isis' name has been dragged through the mud with the advent of the terrorist organization of similar name) to lend me their love and support, and let the airplane fly! I immediately felt giddy and giggly afterward. As I got the blood work done, I felt woozy, but didn't faint. I did have to lie down, though. As I did, I felt a hand on my face, and in my mind's eye I saw an Egyptian queen version of my mom, telling me I would be okay and that it would be alright. She asked me after a little bit if I could sit up, and as I did (I had a little trouble) she said, "There you go, you can do it." I went back to class fine. Magick is a wonderful force if used correctly. Blessings!


Dear Kayla,

Fantastic job!


P.S. I love love love (!!!) the airplane idea! I might just use that in one of my next rituals!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Paranormal Fiction "Free Spirit" Release Day!

Today is the release date for the latest book by one of the members of the Ask-A-Witch team! Free Spirit is the second book in the New Orleans Magick Series, sequel to Magick Charm. It's only $2.99 to buy it on Kindle, but you can also read it for free via Kindle Unlimited or from the Kindle Owner's Lending Library if you're an Amazon Prime customer.

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Thank you for supporting an Indie author! Good karma points to everyone who shares this post! - Jen

About Free Spirit:
Cover by Brittany Michel
and Samantha Harvey
Wild child Rachel is having a week so terrible, not even a pitcher of margaritas will help. When her evil boss shows up on her doorstep with a sob story, her request to stay a few nights turns into a whole lot more. She can’t even escape into some of her favorite haunts in the Quarter since she seems to have garnered the unwanted attention of some rabid readers. When her ghost-hunting assignment goes unexpectedly awry, Rachel unknowing releases a vengeful spirit.

Enduring a wicked houseguest and hiding from an over-enthusiastic fan all while trying to put a spirit back in her grave where she belongs is more challenging than sobriety during Mardi Gras. Can she and her family work some magick to put things right in the Crescent City or has Rachel bit off more veggie muffuletta than she can chew?

About the Author:

Jennifer Wells lives in Northern Virginia with her husband of twenty years, John, and her three spoiled cats, Morgana, Luna, and Pele. In addition to being a wife and cat mommy, she's a professional procrastinator, Virgo, and the author of paranormal mystery novels Magick Charm, Free Spirit, and paranormal romance Practically Dreaming. She is currently working on sequels as well as entirely new stories.

Jen has been writing since she was in middle school. Her writing remained a hobby while she studied biology and forensic DNA science. She worked as a molecular biologist and published cancer research before finally leaving the lab and taking up her laptop full time.

Jen loves a good book and is usually found with her nose in one. She has a never-ending to-be-read pile and is rarely seen without her Kindle or a paperback.

When she's not writing or reading, Jen engages in some of her favorite hobbies, like making jewelry, photography, sewing, and pottery class. She also enjoys traveling, crafting cocktails at her tiki bar, and playing complicated board games. Her guilty pleasures include binge-watching The Walking Dead and shopping for new Coach purses.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Siera from Mansfield, OH

I am a young, practicing witch. I've found some abnormal things about my mother, me, and her side of the family regarding spirits. I have read up on some spells to rid my home of bad spirits, but I have had no luck with them so far. Is there a better way to go about this? Better spells?


Dear Siera,

When performing a banishing spell/ritual to rid your home of an unwanted spirit, the single most important thing you need to do is make sure you are using your post powerful voice. You aren't ASKING the spirit to leave, you are DEMANDING it get out.

Please read my response to Brittney From Las Vegas for a banishing spell which has had great success.


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mercedez from Unknown

I was born a witch and have been practicing for over 17 years. I also incarnate an entity for reading purposes, etc. Once as a junior witch, I met with a more senior witch who told me at a circle session I was blocked from love. I was about to get married. When they were blessing me and adorning me, she said it’s going be hell, and it's not the man it’s you who is blocked from love.

I wanted to ask you, being a high priestess and from your experience, is this even possible? While I certainly believe a curse like this, as I would call it, would have to be handed down, but as you know, anything is possible in the spirit realm. After four years of HELL, my husband and I split. I am here wondering if this is true? I started doing some research and I was not able to find any spells to remove love blockage. Can you please assist me to clarify the situation? Am I just exaggerating the matter, does this not exist at all, or have I just not found the right ritual? Thanks in advance for all the assistance.


Dear Mercedez,

If you honestly believe you have been cursed, then hell, yes there is something you can do.  There is no need for you to know what type of curse has been used, or who cast it.  Once you realize a curse has been placed on you, 50% of that curse is removed.

Here are some symptoms you might have if a curse has been placed on you:

Unbelievable bad luck
Extreme clutziness (this is more than a lack of grace)
Sudden unexplainable illnesses
Repeated negative situations with no known cause

If these symptoms sound like you, then remember that half of the curse has been removed because you are aware of it. One way to look at a curse is to view it as a negative attachment to you aura, the energy field around your body.

When you are performing the ritual below, don't assume you know who cast the curse.  If you're wrong in your assumption, then you've just wasted an awful lot of energy for no reason.

Gather the following supplies:

A black cord roughly 20 inches long
A black candle (size doesn't matter)
One ounce of black salt (caution, this stains)
Gemstones: bloodstone (to absorb negativity), black tourmaline (to create a protective barrier), and red jasper (to reverse a situation)
A sage bundle
A toothpick
A lighter
A fireproof dish

Begin by placing four knots in the black cord four inches apart.  Each knot represents one of your bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Using the toothpick, inscribe on the black candle "you have no power over me" three times.  Hold the candle in the palms of your hand, breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth, and visualize (see, sense, feel, or know) four heavy chains, two on your wrists and two on your ankles.  Really get a good visual of these chains because they represent the curse.  Once this image is clearly in your mind's eye, I want you to begin chanting "you have no power over me."  As you chant this, visualize the chains breaking away from you and completely dissipating. Now set the candle down.

Light the sage bundle for three to five seconds, blow out the flames, and let the smoke flow over you to cleanse your body. Once you are done cleansing yourself, tap the smoking end of the sage bundle onto the fireproof dish until there is no more smoke coming from the bundle.

Light the candle.

Place the black tourmaline to the top left of the candle. Place the bloodstone to the top right of the candle. Place the red jasper to the center bottom of the candle.

Hold the black cord in the palms of your hands, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Calm and center yourself for a few moments. In a strong, powerful voice say, "you have no power over me. My physical body belongs to me" as you unknot the first knot. Move to the second knot, and in a strong, powerful voice say "you have no power over me. My mental body belongs to me." Move to the third knot, and in a strong, powerful voice say "you have no power over me. My emotional body belongs to me." Move to the fourth and last knot, and in a strong, powerful voice say "you have no power over me. My spiritual body belongs to me."

As you are unknotting the knots, visualize any and all negativity leaving your body and your aura.

Place the unknotted cord in a circle around the candle and gemstones.

Allow the candle to burn until it burns out naturally or for two hours.

Once the spell is complete, gather the gemstones and carry them with you for at least one full moon cycle. The cord, candle (once the flame is out and the wax has completely cooled), and sage bundle (once it has completely cooled) can be put away to be used at a later date.

Good luck!


Friday, October 23, 2015

Renee from Taos, NM

I was dusting my entertainment center (which I never dust), and under a favorite rock of mine, I found a small square (approx. 1 1/2" x 1 1/2") made of a black cloth with raised dots. It had a circle cut out of the center. I burned it and flushed the ashes. What might it have been?


Dear Renee,

I have absolutely no idea!


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jade from Paramont, CA

Hello, I lit a love spell candle and it went out twice in the first two days. I put it out after two hours every day. The third time, it stayed lit. It left a black square on the top of the glass with a clear heart in the middle with a drop coming down with the heart. Tonight the wick seemed to have two red knobs! Help, I don't know what this means!


Dear Jade,

It feels to me like a really positive sign. Especially with the "clear heart" on top of the glass and the wick splitting in two.  Best of luck with your soon to be new love!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Christina from Shirley, IN

I am at the beginning of practicing witchcraft. My question pertains to my sweetening spell. I've had to make alterations to it and it feels right that I'm doing it my own way, but would a little Come to Me oil help or hinder it? I don't want my spell to be forceful; the purpose of it is to sweeten feelings that are already there but dormant due to certain circumstances. I've seen mild results but also, would a touch of cinnamon added while I work the spell help heat things up and move things a little faster? I know this spell takes work and time. I'm patient, but I just don't want to muddle things up by tampering with my own work. Should I just go with what feels right? My cards are telling me I'm on the right path and I recently pulled a very positive reading that feels encouraging but once again, as a novice I have a few doubts.


Dear Christina,

If adding "Come to Me" oil and cinnamon to your work feels right, by all means do so. Using your intuition just adds more power to your spells!


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Freelove from Menifee, CA

Hi! I was wondering what runic binding is and how it is done/used. I've looked online and got many mixed answers.


Dear Freelove,

A bindrune consists of two or more runes that have been superimposed or joined together in some way. Occasionally, runes like fehu, raido, or wunjo, would be joined at the base of their “stems,” forming a wheel. Other times, runes would be joined side by side, or combined into a single rune. This latter method is the most one used popular today.

Historically, bindrunes were used as “contractions” in an inscription, either to save space or to reduce the number of runes in the inscription to a more magically auspicious total. Today, they are commonly used in rune magic by themselves to create a magical sigil that encompasses several runes at once.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Julie from Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I owe about $8,000 dollars in credit card debt. The money spells I do seem to work very successfully, but I can't seem to get my credit card debt down. Is there a certain spell for banishing credit card debt? I seem to make a good amount of money but it seems to go away as fast as I get it. Thank you. Blessed be!


Dear Julie,

Controlling your spending habits is the only thing you really need. If you want your credit card debt to reduce, stop using it. You can try an old trick like freezing your credit card in some water so you have to thaw it before you can use it, which gives you time to think over if you really need to make the purchase. If all else fails, destroy the card and don't request a new one from the company until your debt is paid down.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

Miina from Helsinki, Finland

Hi my name is Miina and I have a few questions for you. I don't know where to start, but um....I hope you have answers to my questions.

Have you ever had something happen when you were alone? Maybe you have a warning for someone and nobody listens or takes you seriously? Or maybe you feel something and that really happens?

Well, in my life, these types of things have happened to me since I was young. Why is this all happening to me? What does it mean?

When I was a little girl, I went outside near my home on a very nice day. No other children were outside, and I sat watching something (I don't remember what), but then I felt something by my neck. I turned my head and saw it was a small bird which quickly flew away.

The second time I was 14. I went with my big sister to her friend's house, where they had some horses outside. Her friend was angry with the horses and was screaming. I was outside too, walking near the horses, watching them. I asked my sister's friend if he thought about what the horses may be thinking or feeling. I also told him that maybe very soon they would run away from him. Three days later, it happened.

One holiday, I went camping with other teenagers. I saw how the others were so happy, and I cried a little bit because I knew I was different. One girl asked me what I was doing alone and crying. I told her I didn't feel good, thinking something was going to happen soon, but I didn't know what. A little later, someone called that girl on the phone and she started to cry. One of her friends had died.

I heard a secret voice tell me about a car accident and warned my mother. She didn't care.

This isn't all the things which have happened to me, but I don't know what all of this is about. Why is this all happening to me?


Dear Miina,

You are psychic, which is a beautiful gift to have, believe it or not. You just need to learn how to control your gifts.  Please read my response to Jen from Fayetteville, NC for information to help you control your gifts.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jake from Maryland

I apologize if this question sounds dumb or comes off rude. I swear that isn't my intent. I would like to know how to pray to the God and Goddess. To be more specific, I mean what is prayer? I have seen people kneel, clasp their hands together, shut their eyes, and mumble under their breaths, but what are they saying? I know that prayer is not a time to ask the Gods for anything; that is what spells are for. So again, what counts as a prayer? Is it chanting, repeating the Gods or Goddesses names?


Dear Jake,

This is a GREAT question!

Prayer is simply you having a conversation with the Divine, God, Goddess, etc. You can chant if you want or you can just talk. While you're praying, you can ask for things. I often ask the God and Goddess for prosperity, confidence, guidance, balance, love, etc.

Let me give you an example of a prayer I sometimes use:

"Good morning, my Lord and Lady! Thank you for watching over me and my boys while we slept last night, and thank you for the beautiful morning. Please watch over and guide us today. Open our ears so that we may hear. Open our eyes so that we may see. Open our hearts so that we may be compassionate and kind. Thank you and blessed be."

Praying helps to create a relationship with the God and Goddess.

Don't be afraid to pray!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Paranormal Mystery "Free Spirit" Available for Pre-Order

I'm happy to announce that the second book in my New Orleans Magick Series is now available for pre-order! 

Both Magick Charm and Free Spirit are available for only $2.99 on Kindle. Charge up your e-reader, start reading - or re-reading - Magick Charm now, and get Free Spirit delivered to your Kindle on release day, October 26th.

And for those of you who prefer their books in paper and ink format, I'm planning to have paperback versions for sale before the end of the year.

Thank you so much for reading about my New Orleans twins! 

Order here:
Magick Charm, New Orleans Magick Book 1
Free Spirit, New Orleans Magick Book 2

About Free Spirit:
Cover by Brittany Michel
and Samantha Harvey
Wild child Rachel is having a week so terrible, not even a pitcher of margaritas will help. When her evil boss shows up on her doorstep with a sob story, her request to stay a few nights turns into a whole lot more. She can’t even escape into some of her favorite haunts in the Quarter since she seems to have garnered the unwanted attention of some rabid readers. When her ghost-hunting assignment goes unexpectedly awry, Rachel unknowing releases a vengeful spirit.

Enduring a wicked houseguest and hiding from an over-enthusiastic fan all while trying to put a spirit back in her grave where she belongs is more challenging than sobriety during Mardi Gras. Can she and her family work some magick to put things right in the Crescent City or has Rachel bit off more veggie muffuletta than she can chew?

About Magick Charm:
Cover by Samantha Harvey,
aka "Witch"
Janie Adler likes her quiet, orderly life reviewing books for a small New Orleans newspaper exactly the way it is. So what if Duke Hot Pants, the hero of her favorite romance novel, is the only man in her life? She has a Pulitzer Prize to chase. That is until her quirky twin sister Rachel moves in, bringing boyfriend drama, a smelly ferret, and irrational belief in all things magickal along with her.

Persuaded by a local voodoo priestess-and maybe one margarita too many-the twins cast spells to improve their love lives. Loser-magnet Rachel focuses on avoiding the wrong men and Janie seeks her romance novel ideal. While plenty of eligible bachelors flood into their lives, Janie only has eyes for her coworker who lives in the apartment downstairs and works in the cube next to her.

But the twins soon discover the incantations' many unintended-and dangerous-consequences. The increasing number of mishaps and misfortune putting the sisters in grave peril seems more like the work of a curse. Can Janie and Rachel's "twintuition" save them from the menace stalking them?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dillon from Scotland

Hi, I was wondering if a man were to cast a love spell on another male, would it still work? Or is there a specific spell for that? Blessed be.


Dear Dillon,

Is the other male a homosexual? Casting a love spell on another person doesn't change their sexual orientation.

Love spells work by affecting the heart and the emotions which come from it...the sex of the recipient doesn't matter.

Good luck!


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Becca from Richmond, VA

I have trouble focusing on the things I'm supposed to be doing, and I was wondering, is there a crystal or something of the sort that could help me?


Dear Becca,

Hematite is a great stone to keep you grounded and focused.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Aspiring Witch from Temecula, CA

Hi there. I've been following this blog for a while now and was hoping you could answer a question about a recurring dream and what recurring dreams mean.

The dream is about my fiance being unfaithful, and it has been the same exact things happening in it every time I have it. The only thing that really changes is sometimes I become aware in my dream. It's happened at least five times now. The only other time I've had a recurring dream before was of talking to something/someone, not really sure what it was, in a library or empty space. I've had that dream so many times I can still remember almost all the details even though it's been a few months since it happened. The only different thing in that dream is the person/thing's dialogue and mine. I don't know what that means or if it even means anything at all, but I would like to know the meaning behind these dreams.

Some side details that may or may not be important: I have rune binding sigils posted around my room; healing, knowledge, courage, and strength. The knowledge sigil is posted above my head above my bed.

Much appreciated for the replies and this blog in general. I look forward to hearing your answer!


Dear Aspiring Witch,

Dreams can be a way for the subconscious mind to work out issues the conscious mind is having. Having recurring dreams of your fiance cheating on you can represent him/her cheating on you or more likely that someone close to you is betraying your trust. This person most likely is not your fiance.

For your library dream, this most likely represents gathering or gaining knowledge from a person, place, or thing.

Understanding dreams is important because dreams can help guide us onto the path we need to be on. When trying to understand your dreams, it is also important to pay attention to what is currently going on in your life and how you felt in the days leading up to the dream.

Hope your fiance is not cheating on you!


Monday, October 12, 2015

Stephanie from San Jose, CA

My friend and I need help. She had these visions of death ever since she was little until we hit high school. Now, I have the same ability. I guess I stole her powers. We both keep seeing a pack of werewolves. She has never seen them in human form, but I have. We also found my drawings indicting that one of us is going to be killed by a demon. It sounds crazy, I know.


Dear Stephanie,

Uh...what's your question?


Sunday, October 11, 2015

George from New Hampshire

Why is it when most people resort to using magic at my school they always try to harm someone? Is it just because they were mistreated, so they harm others? Also is there a spell to deflect bolts of pure electricity?


Dear George,

Usually, people turn to harmful magick because they suck. Sorry, but it's the truth.

Rubber is a substance that cannot conduct electricity.


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Victoria from England

Hi there. I'm really insecure about my nose. I want to change its shape. It looks fine to me from the front, but it really bothers me from the sides. I'm 14 and can't even have surgery. My parents think that my nose is perfect and that I should be thankful to God. I try to like it the way it is, but sometimes I don't feel confident. Is there a spell to change it? It's okay if it takes months, but not more than that.


Dear Victoria,

I wish there was a spell to enhance or fix parts of ourselves we feel are not perfect enough for today's jacked-up society, but there isn't.

Carrying rose quartz for self-love and citrine for self-confidence can help you see yourself as the perfect young woman the Divine created you to be.


Friday, October 9, 2015

Barbara from El Paso, TX

I want a love spell to make a guy whom I love fall in love with me. He barely started seeing someone about a month ago. He blocked me from Facebook and doesn't want anything to do with me. We were friends once upon a time until he started seeing her.


Dear Barbara,

Let him go. The fact that he blocked you on Facebook and didn't just unfriend you speaks volumes.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cheyenne from Corpus Christi, TX

Hi, I'm new to Wicca. I've always been an empath and conduit. I really need advice. While doing a healing spell with blood magick, I opened a door to the spirit world, and I have been getting more and more visions and seeing more and more spiritual beings. My anxiety has increased dramatically. No amount of medication or meditation works anymore, and I've been unusually exhausted. Could this be from my recent increase in psychic abilities? Or am I just losing my mind? Thank you for any answer you provide. As you see, I'm quite desperate.


Dear Cheyenne,

If you opened a door to the spirit world, then you need to make sure you close it. You feel exhausted, anxious, overly stimulated, and exhausted because your energy is still being sucked into the door you opened.

Because you're new to Wicca, I'm going to say this as nicely as I can. DO NOT OPEN DOORWAYS TO ANYWHERE UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING. IT'S DANGEROUS!

Whatever method you used to open it, do it again, only this time with the intention of closing the door.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tammy from Florida

Can you do a spell on me to make me grow angel wings physically?


Dear Tammy,

Nope. No. Absolutely not. That's a negative!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alia from Ohio

This is urgent. My dad's always put me first. Sure, he can be an asshole sometimes, but he always put me first. No "girl" got in the way of us. He met this girl last year, and within the year he met her, they got married. Ever since, he pays NO attention to me. I live with my real mom, and usually on weekends I go to his house, but not anymore. I got into a fight with his wife. She yelled at me because I was reading. She grabbed my arm and pushed me. And he was standing RIGHT there beside her, like he wasn't paying attention, like he was in a trance or something. I ran outside and called my mom, and that was the last time I stayed with him.

For the wedding, they gave me a necklace with a stone in it from her wedding ring (they had it customized). He has been worse since the wedding. I live in Ohio. Once when I was younger, I had moved to Georgia for a year and he was a complete wreck about it. He didn't want me to go. Now I am about to move again, I told him, and he doesn't care. He doesn't show any emotion to me anymore. There is a giant list I could make of the changes in him, but it would go on forever. He is like a robot. She bosses him around and stuff. He always does what she wants.

I like to study Wicca/pagan craft, and I know the symptoms of a curse/spell. I've never heard of one this powerful, though. Is there any way I can reverse it without being the one who cast it?


Dear Alia,

Having your dad get remarried can be means that you aren't his ONLY priority anymore. Being a step-parent is a terrible job because it almost always means your step-children will more than likely hate you and try to undermine you at every turn.  If you want your dad to pay attention to you, then you should start by treating your step-mom with a little kindness and respect.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Alejandro from Phoenix, AZ

Hi, I have a question. I was doing a meditation a couple of days ago, and I was doing the lesser banishing pentagram ritual. Today and yesterday I have done it, and I have felt really good. My family is happy and relaxed. But before that, a few days ago I was having dreams about my daughter being influenced by the spirit of my wife's ex-husband. He led her into something in the dream she said should I be afraid of this and should I perform the lesser banishing pentagram ritual in her room or the angelic one of the Shemhamphorasch. I'm confused because I already did that, but she said she had a dream which I also had. Plus, she was born on March 3rd, which means she has a connection with Dantalion, who is a reader of minds. Could it be that she is reading my mind? Could it be that I had the thought and she read my mind while sleeping? Is it possible for us to astral project into each other's dreams and connect via the spirits? I'm a Capricorn, born December 25. Should I be afraid of this at all?


Dear Alejandro,

Performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) is a great way to keep you, your family, and more importantly, your daughter safe.  However, you might want to think about cleansing your home, especially your daughter's room, of negative energy. Your daughter could be picking up the energy of from the thoughts you are having, which is different than the possibility of her being a mind reader.

You can also place amethyst (for protection) and citrine (to prevent nightmares) somewhere in her room to keep her safe.

Good luck, darlin'.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kiya from Georgia

My mum used to practice witchcraft. I now practice it. We both believe that I am a natural witch. I can make things happen without trying. I accidentally make it rain or storm when I'm sad or angry. My mum and I are connected to where we can feel the same energy from nature even when we aren't together. Am I a natural witch?


Dear Kiya,

There really is no such thing as a "natural witch." It does sound as if you have some natural abilities, especially the connection between you and your mum.  If you feel witchcraft is something your are interested in practicing, it would be a great idea for you and mum to learn about it and do it together.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Anna from Toano, VA

Do you know of any good, simple fertility rituals?


Dear Anna,

13 Magickal Moons has a great fertility spell which (witch...ha!) is easy to use and has had some great results.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Sarah from Richmond

Please, I'm in great need of spiritual advice. How might I create a stronger bond and communication with Universal forces? I call myself a witch because I recently discovered everything I have ever been passionate about growing up (magic, feelings, intuition, dreams, stars, planets, mystery, beauty, nature) in a religion that makes sense to me, but I'm still completely new to Wicca and Witchcraft. I've never been good at praying, but I'm in desperate need of help from a higher power, whether it be from the God and Goddess or whatever pure, loving, positive Universal force(s) exist in this life.

I need help, a sign, or a stronger intuition to know what I can do to help my dear friend. I've always cared about other people, but I've never so desperately felt like I am obligated to do what I can for this person because I have a feeling that there is something I can do.

My friend gets these lightning headaches - these chronic headaches. He is not the only one in his family, but the headaches are unlike anything I have ever witnessed before. He has gone to doctors in the past, but they give him no explanations for what could be causing his headaches. He tells me they feel like an earthquake inside of his head that focus at the center of his forehead around his third eye. What happens next he describes as an explosion inside of his head. I've seen him weep and make horrible sounds in agony, and he begs for God to make it stop. It scares me, it scares him, yet there is nothing that anyone can do. See, I don't think that is true. His parents no longer come around to see if he is okay or sit with him through it. It's hard for anybody to watch and listen to, so everybody just waits for it to pass. That's something I cannot physically or mentally do.

When the headaches begin to build, I can't talk too loudly. I just try and help him focus on his breathing or a peaceful image, but he can't focus on his breathing or anything other than the pain. Similarly, it's impossible for me to breathe or feel a connection to any higher power, so it's difficult to pray or focus my intention in that moment. That is what I want to achieve. I want to do what I can, spiritually, to help my friend. It includes communicating with the Lord and Lady, and possibly performing a prayer or spell that I'm unfamiliar with.

I'm not sure what I think these headaches are. They are something dark, that's for sure. It could be an unknown illness or brain problem that is not yet known by medical science. It could be something darker than I can imagine, something metaphysical, too. I'm not sure what the possibilities are.

I'm going to do some research, to see if I find other accounts of these chronic headaches that feel like fire and earth. I told my friend he should look into his past ancestry, to learn about his past relatives with the condition, as well as the people and things they were connected to in their lifetimes. I don't see him getting around to research on his own, so that's why I'm helping him. It's unbearable watching someone I care about, let alone anybody, go through that much pain with no explanation.

I imagine it makes him question everything in life, to not know what's causing you excruciating pain. In the meantime, since college is sure to limit me on my quest, I need to find a way of communicating with the Lord and Lady, and any other Gods and Goddesses out there. This is where I desperately need your help.

I don't know what forces exist out there or how they work. I hardly know how magic works, except that it comes from within and is all around us. If you could give me any of your ideas, ANY, no matter how incomplete, unlikely, or commonplace they may be, they would be of great importance to my friend and I. For a new witch, it's a difficult task, but I realize I want to put all my energy into opening my chakras and connecting with a higher realm of spiritual awareness. I need to find the focus and power within myself to find answers through research and provide help through prayer, with intention, extreme intention, like none I have ever had before.

Seeing as I'm only a teenager with only the slightest clue as to what she is dealing with, and low energy to begin with, from experiencing life as an adult for the first time. I am in great need of someone who has reached a high level of enlightenment, to give me some guidance and advice.

Thank you so much for reading my questions: What are the possible causes for these recurring headaches if not medical? Is there any spell, ritual, or prayer I can do to form a stronger connection with higher powers/ask to heal my friend/ease his pain? What can I do to heighten my abilities in a safe and natural way? Are there any resources you know of that can answer any of these questions?

I'm sorry for putting all of this on you, but I trust you and have faith in what you do. I truly believe you can lead me in the right direction. I want to help my friend, who I love very much. He is completely undeserving of these headaches and they are terrifying. Chilling, to the bone. Please, I don't know what else to say, except thank you for reading this, thank you for making this blog, and I hope answers may reveal themselves.

Hoping you are healthy and well, as well as your family and friends. May the Lord and Lady be with you and everything you do. It's inspiring, how you have taken what you care about so passionately in life and have turned that lifestyle into a career, dedicated to helping others find their path to spiritual enlightenment. The Universe and all the people and mysteries within it never cease to amaze me. Keep doing what you do best.

With thanks and appreciation to you, always.


Dear Sarah,

Let's cover the non-metaphysical advice first. While everyone has headaches from time to time, extremely painful or recurrent headaches should be treated by a doctor. Your friend could be experiencing migraine or even cluster headaches, which can be helped by different kinds of medication. The family doctor is a good place to start, but he may refer your friend to a neurologist, who can run a series of tests to rule out anything more serious. When health issues are involved, ALWAYS get medical treatment FIRST, then supplement that with Reiki, herbal healing, ritual, prayer, etc.

What is Reiki? Reiki is defined as Universal (Rei) life force energy (Ki). Reiki could be the answer you are looking for...AFTER your friend visits the doctor.  Reiki is a form of hands-on healing which uses the energy coming from the Universe (God/Goddess).  Because the energy is coming from the Universe, it will not drain your already low energy and will give you additional energy because the Reiki will flow from the Universe through you to him.  As a practitioner, when you give Reiki, you get Reiki.  I'm sure with just a little research you would have no problem finding a Reiki practitioner in your area.

Reiki can also help with your connection to the Divine because it is Their energy you are channeling.

And don't underestimate the power of prayer. I have personally witnessed the miracles that can come from prayer.

Good luck. I will light a candle for your friend on my altar.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

We're Baaaack!

Hello, Beautiful Readers!

Did you notice that we took the summer off? Did you miss us? Did you miss the wild and wacky questions we get asked? Well, if so, prepare yourselves, because we're back and ready to answer some questions!