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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Alia from Ohio

This is urgent. My dad's always put me first. Sure, he can be an asshole sometimes, but he always put me first. No "girl" got in the way of us. He met this girl last year, and within the year he met her, they got married. Ever since, he pays NO attention to me. I live with my real mom, and usually on weekends I go to his house, but not anymore. I got into a fight with his wife. She yelled at me because I was reading. She grabbed my arm and pushed me. And he was standing RIGHT there beside her, like he wasn't paying attention, like he was in a trance or something. I ran outside and called my mom, and that was the last time I stayed with him.

For the wedding, they gave me a necklace with a stone in it from her wedding ring (they had it customized). He has been worse since the wedding. I live in Ohio. Once when I was younger, I had moved to Georgia for a year and he was a complete wreck about it. He didn't want me to go. Now I am about to move again, I told him, and he doesn't care. He doesn't show any emotion to me anymore. There is a giant list I could make of the changes in him, but it would go on forever. He is like a robot. She bosses him around and stuff. He always does what she wants.

I like to study Wicca/pagan craft, and I know the symptoms of a curse/spell. I've never heard of one this powerful, though. Is there any way I can reverse it without being the one who cast it?


Dear Alia,

Having your dad get remarried can be means that you aren't his ONLY priority anymore. Being a step-parent is a terrible job because it almost always means your step-children will more than likely hate you and try to undermine you at every turn.  If you want your dad to pay attention to you, then you should start by treating your step-mom with a little kindness and respect.