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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Christina from Shirley, IN

I am at the beginning of practicing witchcraft. My question pertains to my sweetening spell. I've had to make alterations to it and it feels right that I'm doing it my own way, but would a little Come to Me oil help or hinder it? I don't want my spell to be forceful; the purpose of it is to sweeten feelings that are already there but dormant due to certain circumstances. I've seen mild results but also, would a touch of cinnamon added while I work the spell help heat things up and move things a little faster? I know this spell takes work and time. I'm patient, but I just don't want to muddle things up by tampering with my own work. Should I just go with what feels right? My cards are telling me I'm on the right path and I recently pulled a very positive reading that feels encouraging but once again, as a novice I have a few doubts.


Dear Christina,

If adding "Come to Me" oil and cinnamon to your work feels right, by all means do so. Using your intuition just adds more power to your spells!