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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Freelove from Menifee, CA

Hi! I was wondering what runic binding is and how it is done/used. I've looked online and got many mixed answers.


Dear Freelove,

A bindrune consists of two or more runes that have been superimposed or joined together in some way. Occasionally, runes like fehu, raido, or wunjo, would be joined at the base of their “stems,” forming a wheel. Other times, runes would be joined side by side, or combined into a single rune. This latter method is the most one used popular today.

Historically, bindrunes were used as “contractions” in an inscription, either to save space or to reduce the number of runes in the inscription to a more magically auspicious total. Today, they are commonly used in rune magic by themselves to create a magical sigil that encompasses several runes at once.