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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jake from Maryland

I apologize if this question sounds dumb or comes off rude. I swear that isn't my intent. I would like to know how to pray to the God and Goddess. To be more specific, I mean what is prayer? I have seen people kneel, clasp their hands together, shut their eyes, and mumble under their breaths, but what are they saying? I know that prayer is not a time to ask the Gods for anything; that is what spells are for. So again, what counts as a prayer? Is it chanting, repeating the Gods or Goddesses names?


Dear Jake,

This is a GREAT question!

Prayer is simply you having a conversation with the Divine, God, Goddess, etc. You can chant if you want or you can just talk. While you're praying, you can ask for things. I often ask the God and Goddess for prosperity, confidence, guidance, balance, love, etc.

Let me give you an example of a prayer I sometimes use:

"Good morning, my Lord and Lady! Thank you for watching over me and my boys while we slept last night, and thank you for the beautiful morning. Please watch over and guide us today. Open our ears so that we may hear. Open our eyes so that we may see. Open our hearts so that we may be compassionate and kind. Thank you and blessed be."

Praying helps to create a relationship with the God and Goddess.

Don't be afraid to pray!