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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kayla from Fairfax Station, VA

This isn't really a question, but a story of how powerful magick can be. I'm away from home for school, and the student health center wanted me to get blood work done. I'm known to faint when I get blood work done. So during a break, I wrote down all of my negative feelings and fears on a sheet of paper and made it into a paper airplane (A harrier, if you're wondering, shout out to the Dangerous Book for Boys!) I put all of my negative feelings' energy into the paper airplane, said a prayer asking Ganesha (remover of obstacles) and Isis (Mother Goddess, since my mom couldn't be there to lend support) (BTW Isis' name has been dragged through the mud with the advent of the terrorist organization of similar name) to lend me their love and support, and let the airplane fly! I immediately felt giddy and giggly afterward. As I got the blood work done, I felt woozy, but didn't faint. I did have to lie down, though. As I did, I felt a hand on my face, and in my mind's eye I saw an Egyptian queen version of my mom, telling me I would be okay and that it would be alright. She asked me after a little bit if I could sit up, and as I did (I had a little trouble) she said, "There you go, you can do it." I went back to class fine. Magick is a wonderful force if used correctly. Blessings!


Dear Kayla,

Fantastic job!


P.S. I love love love (!!!) the airplane idea! I might just use that in one of my next rituals!