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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mercedez from Unknown

I was born a witch and have been practicing for over 17 years. I also incarnate an entity for reading purposes, etc. Once as a junior witch, I met with a more senior witch who told me at a circle session I was blocked from love. I was about to get married. When they were blessing me and adorning me, she said it’s going be hell, and it's not the man it’s you who is blocked from love.

I wanted to ask you, being a high priestess and from your experience, is this even possible? While I certainly believe a curse like this, as I would call it, would have to be handed down, but as you know, anything is possible in the spirit realm. After four years of HELL, my husband and I split. I am here wondering if this is true? I started doing some research and I was not able to find any spells to remove love blockage. Can you please assist me to clarify the situation? Am I just exaggerating the matter, does this not exist at all, or have I just not found the right ritual? Thanks in advance for all the assistance.


Dear Mercedez,

If you honestly believe you have been cursed, then hell, yes there is something you can do.  There is no need for you to know what type of curse has been used, or who cast it.  Once you realize a curse has been placed on you, 50% of that curse is removed.

Here are some symptoms you might have if a curse has been placed on you:

Unbelievable bad luck
Extreme clutziness (this is more than a lack of grace)
Sudden unexplainable illnesses
Repeated negative situations with no known cause

If these symptoms sound like you, then remember that half of the curse has been removed because you are aware of it. One way to look at a curse is to view it as a negative attachment to you aura, the energy field around your body.

When you are performing the ritual below, don't assume you know who cast the curse.  If you're wrong in your assumption, then you've just wasted an awful lot of energy for no reason.

Gather the following supplies:

A black cord roughly 20 inches long
A black candle (size doesn't matter)
One ounce of black salt (caution, this stains)
Gemstones: bloodstone (to absorb negativity), black tourmaline (to create a protective barrier), and red jasper (to reverse a situation)
A sage bundle
A toothpick
A lighter
A fireproof dish

Begin by placing four knots in the black cord four inches apart.  Each knot represents one of your bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Using the toothpick, inscribe on the black candle "you have no power over me" three times.  Hold the candle in the palms of your hand, breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth, and visualize (see, sense, feel, or know) four heavy chains, two on your wrists and two on your ankles.  Really get a good visual of these chains because they represent the curse.  Once this image is clearly in your mind's eye, I want you to begin chanting "you have no power over me."  As you chant this, visualize the chains breaking away from you and completely dissipating. Now set the candle down.

Light the sage bundle for three to five seconds, blow out the flames, and let the smoke flow over you to cleanse your body. Once you are done cleansing yourself, tap the smoking end of the sage bundle onto the fireproof dish until there is no more smoke coming from the bundle.

Light the candle.

Place the black tourmaline to the top left of the candle. Place the bloodstone to the top right of the candle. Place the red jasper to the center bottom of the candle.

Hold the black cord in the palms of your hands, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Calm and center yourself for a few moments. In a strong, powerful voice say, "you have no power over me. My physical body belongs to me" as you unknot the first knot. Move to the second knot, and in a strong, powerful voice say "you have no power over me. My mental body belongs to me." Move to the third knot, and in a strong, powerful voice say "you have no power over me. My emotional body belongs to me." Move to the fourth and last knot, and in a strong, powerful voice say "you have no power over me. My spiritual body belongs to me."

As you are unknotting the knots, visualize any and all negativity leaving your body and your aura.

Place the unknotted cord in a circle around the candle and gemstones.

Allow the candle to burn until it burns out naturally or for two hours.

Once the spell is complete, gather the gemstones and carry them with you for at least one full moon cycle. The cord, candle (once the flame is out and the wax has completely cooled), and sage bundle (once it has completely cooled) can be put away to be used at a later date.

Good luck!