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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Miina from Helsinki, Finland

Hi my name is Miina and I have a few questions for you. I don't know where to start, but um....I hope you have answers to my questions.

Have you ever had something happen when you were alone? Maybe you have a warning for someone and nobody listens or takes you seriously? Or maybe you feel something and that really happens?

Well, in my life, these types of things have happened to me since I was young. Why is this all happening to me? What does it mean?

When I was a little girl, I went outside near my home on a very nice day. No other children were outside, and I sat watching something (I don't remember what), but then I felt something by my neck. I turned my head and saw it was a small bird which quickly flew away.

The second time I was 14. I went with my big sister to her friend's house, where they had some horses outside. Her friend was angry with the horses and was screaming. I was outside too, walking near the horses, watching them. I asked my sister's friend if he thought about what the horses may be thinking or feeling. I also told him that maybe very soon they would run away from him. Three days later, it happened.

One holiday, I went camping with other teenagers. I saw how the others were so happy, and I cried a little bit because I knew I was different. One girl asked me what I was doing alone and crying. I told her I didn't feel good, thinking something was going to happen soon, but I didn't know what. A little later, someone called that girl on the phone and she started to cry. One of her friends had died.

I heard a secret voice tell me about a car accident and warned my mother. She didn't care.

This isn't all the things which have happened to me, but I don't know what all of this is about. Why is this all happening to me?


Dear Miina,

You are psychic, which is a beautiful gift to have, believe it or not. You just need to learn how to control your gifts.  Please read my response to Jen from Fayetteville, NC for information to help you control your gifts.