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Friday, November 20, 2015

Daughter Mary from Canada

Back in February, my mother had a horrible car accident. She was driving down the highway and rolled the SUV she was driving. She came out with minor injuries (concussion and sore all over). Anyway, since then she's had a few close calls and two other minor accidents. Most recently, she has been having some trouble with an ex of her's driving around our neighbourhood and other places he knows she might be. He's gone as far as actually stopping his car and trying to get her to go with him. We have already spoken to the authorities about it, and they did all they could (which was giving us a number to call in case he shows up again), but I am still worried, not just for my mother but for my sister (15) and grandmother as well. Nothing serious has happened yet, but I would feel a little better about my family's situation if I could give them all an extra little bit of protection. I would really like to make them a protection charm. I went camping on a beach over the summer, and as I walked along the beach I came across some beautiful rocks that just spoke to me. I had to take them home. I would really like to use them for the charm. What I was wondering is, is making protection charms possible? I saw some online that people can buy, but I would much rather make them myself. I haven't been able to find a ritual to give them the protective power; is there one? If so, what tools will I need? Which day would work best? Is there a specific moon phase that would work best?


Dear Daughter Mary,

This is a great idea, and of course you can make a charm for you and your family members incorporating rocks you found at the beach. One of the easiest things to make would be a mojo bag.

Buy small bags in the favorite color of each person you're making them for. Add the stones from the beach. You can also add black tourmaline, which will create a protective barrier around them, and bloodstone, which would absorb any negative energy. Finally, add a piece of rose quartz, which represents your love of them. When you have all the mojo bags put together, hold them in the palms of your hands, visualize a protective barrier around them, and pour as much love as you can into these bags. Once you feel the energy stop moving, the bags have been charged and are ready to give out as gifts.

Any moon phase is appropriate for this, however, we have a full moon coming up on November 25, which would be a great time to add a little something extra to your spell.