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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Deb from Herndon, VA

Dear Witch,

First - thank you for your no-nonsense and yet generally understanding approach to the many questions you get. More than once I've found myself smiling.

I was just catching up on your blog when I came across a question on 27 February from Bisrat when she asked if a person can be a Christian Witch.

You responded that a person cannot be a Christian Wiccan and I believe this is probably true. However, a person can most certainly be a Christian Witch. Which I know because I am one and I am not alone.

Gnostic and "New Testament" Christians consider themselves just as "Christian" as those that come from the Orthodox, Roman, Catholic and protestant practices. Some don't practice magic at all. Some practice magic without calling themselves witches. Some of us, particularly those of Celtic bloodlines, are perfectly happy self-identifying as witches. We honor the observances and rituals of our fellow witches, and we happily participate when invited. If it feeds our spirituality, supports our magic, and deepens our connection to the creation, it is a good thing.

It is true that most Christians are taught that the practice of witchcraft is of the devil and not compatible with Christianity. That is the result of 2,000 years of organized religion referred to as "The Church". A witch doesn't have to agree. We can own our own truth and worship our deities - specifically The Creator (The Father) and the Holy Spirit (The Mother) with the equality that many believe was there before Roman power corrupted the practice. But I know that I walk with both the Mother and the Father. And I believe I walk as Christ originally intended us to walk. That said, I don't argue with Christians about all of it either. That's just a waste of good energy.

But when our Christian brethren feel the pull of something beyond the traditional walls of the Christian Church, I believe we should be there to willingly help them explore without judgment. We are no more the keepers of all things witch than the church is *actually* the keeper of all things Christian.


Dear Deb,

You've made a great point! You've opened our eyes to the difference between a practicing Christian Witch and someone who claims to practice Christian Wicca. We appreciate you taking the time to send in that response. Again, thank you for the clarification.