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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hopeful Child from Kentucky

My wife and I have embarked on our spiritual journey together and have discovered that we practice differently, maybe practicing different traditions altogether. My question is, can our magicks overlap in bad ways? If she does a cleansing on the house and I do a cleansing on the house and they are very different, does it have the potential to "break" or undo each others attempts??? Or would it really just be doubling down? We don't practice opposing systems, I just focus on Shamanic/Ancestor worship/petitioning and she is much more a Dianic Wiccan. Curiously anxious. Thank you.


Dear Hopeful Child,

Not at all! Your magick will swirl, embrace, and enhance her magick. Practicing two different spiritualities has the possibility to bring you two closer together as long as you both remain respectful of the other's chosen path.