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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Morgan from California

So my practices have brought me to a halt. I am confused about why people are taught about mercury retrograde, when if you're a witch, your magick can be performed anytime. I do not understand why it's even spoken about. It's not that big of a thing. However, many people I am coming into contact with are constantly talking about this. Are you a believer as well?

My next question is....Why is it I am finding more and more people saying they follow light laws and that our souls are not connected to the divine? I thought as a witch you connect automatically with the source. Do you speak Satanticism or ANA? Does it matter if you practice light laws to have a connection with the divine? Why is it that others claiming to be witches have the ability to down me? I do not practice with a coven; is that supposed to be? I have been learning since I was 18 on my own, and am now turning 30. I am finding that the deeper I go with this topic, the more weird people I find. Does that mean I am wrong?


Dear Morgan,

I am certainly a believer in Mercury retrograde and its effects. But that doesn’t mean I’m worried about it when I do spellwork.

Let me explain. A lot of people who know a little bit about astrology positively freak out when they hear that Mercury retrograde is coming. But it comes three to four times a year and we’re all still here. In other words, it doesn’t always live up to the hype.

Unless my spell directly has to do with a Mercury-ruled topic, like enhancing my ability to speak or write, I’m not all that worried. There are other retrograde planets that concern me a lot more for spells, such as Mars or Venus retrograde, and for different reasons.

More than any other astrological factor, however, is the Void of Course (VOC) Moon. It’s the time from when the Moon makes her last aspect (astrological contact) with another planet until the time she enters a new sign of the zodiac, about once every three days or so. The 13 Magickal Moons Datebook, for example, lists the VOC for your convenience, as do a number of other magickal almanacs and astrological resources. I would absolutely NOT cast a spell during the VOC Moon, which can last from a few hours to half a day or more sometimes.

In other words, Mercury retrograde shouldn’t generally keep you from casting spells for the five to six weeks it’s occurring. But I would give the same advice I would for any spell: Write it out carefully, plan it with lots of details, take the time to prepare, and be very clear on your intent and your desired outcome, as misunderstandings occur much more frequently during these periods.

In short, don’t let Merc retro stop you from casting spells, and don’t let others playing Chicken Little every four months keep you from doing so, either. 

As for question your second question, practice what feels right to you and screw everyone and their opinions! Like you, I have found more and more "pagans" getting caught up on the ego train and acting as if their way is the only way. To them, I say nothing because I don't feel the need to justify my beliefs to anyone. Our connection to the Lord and Lady is a solitary experience whether you are part of a coven or not. Keep doing what you're doing!