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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Julia from Staten Island, NY

I was doing a black magic spell, and during the preparation of the candle and upon opening one of the oil bottles, I found myself becoming unable to keep my eyes open, the oil was so powerful. I went to the sink and rinsed them, but when I entered the room again, they started tearing again. Once I finished the prep on the black candle and lit it, my eyes did not bother me anymore. The witch who gave me the spell said this was a good sign that there was a lot of power in the room when I was preparing it and it is sure to work. What do you think? It WAS powerful, by the way.


Dear Julia,

I'm sure it was, but I think you missed the message. Sounds to me like someone was trying to stop you from doing something that will surely cause a karmic backlash.

Good luck.