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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kyle from Georgia

Sorry for an oddly specific question, but do you know of another world or realm that is monarchy based and has some kind of river running through one of the kingdoms? It isn't just some river; it is really important for some reason. The "beings" are completely human-like, but the citizens are "light" like light magic. The monarchy is the same species, but they are just different and dark-based (STILL good though - I don't mean to imply they are evil). I am not saying this is a real place. It could just be a story, or maybe it's some kind of fairy place. Any reply, even if it's "this is dumb" would be appreciated. I am not sure if you personally believe in other humanoid creatures or energy beings (fairies, gods and such) or not.


Dear Kyle,

Of course I believe in the fae and other magickal and mythical creatures as well. I do believe we're able to feel their energy on our plane of existence.

The humanoid monarchy you're talking about is connected with fae. The Seelie is the light court and the Unseelie is the dark court. Please read yesterday's response to Arthur from North Carolina for some recommendations of great books about the fae.