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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

David from Michigan

For a while now, I've been noticing that I can think things in my mind and other people will respond as if I had said them out loud. Now, usually I dismiss this because it's only with simple things like "Where are you going?" or "Where'd you get your shirt?" until recently.

There's this cute girl I know whose roommate left for the weekend, so she pushed their beds together to make one super-bed. As she was saying goodbye to me yesterday, the Johnny Bravo part of my brain thought: "Wow, it must be pretty great having that whole bed to yourself." And then she turned her head and smiled and said, "Yeah, it is!"

Now I'm kind of convinced there's something weird going on. Well, weird things happen to me all the time. But this is cool enough that it prompted me to start thinking.

You see, I don't mind other people picking up what I'm thinking too much, but I'm just worried about the implications of having this kind of ability. This bro with a crystal collection told me I might be gaining subconscious control of my aura. I don't know what it is.

I suppose what I am trying to ask is, though I can't seem to control when I'm using the abilities I feel like I have, are there any particular ethical/moral guidelines I should try to follow as someone who has them? In other words would the Gods frown upon me telepathically hitting on people? I'm concerned about being corrupted by my power and turning into a grade A douche, and/or karma dropkicking me in the balls. Thanks!


Dear David,

Your "aura" is the energy field around your body. It's how your body sends out and receives energy. When you have a thought, it becomes energy and can move from your mind to your aura. Once it's in your aura, other people can "read" (pick up on) what you've been thinking. The more powerful your thought is, the more powerful the energy your thought creates. Not everyone will be able to pick up on this energy/thought.

The only ethical/moral guideline you need to follow is this... DO NOT FORCE OTHER PEOPLE TO DO YOUR BIDDING. That would definitely throw you into the grade A douche category.

By the way... your comment "Karma dropkicking me in the balls" had me laughing for an hour! Thank you for brightening my day!