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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dani from Georgia

Last night, my husband and I had an argument (nothing serious, we were in foul moods, though some words were said that hurt both of us). This morning, I woke up and found a white ribbon on the floor, in a spiral with one knot at the end, next to a piece of broken glass. We haven't broken any glasses recently, though I do tend to find them after arguments with my husband (broken glass is a bit of a personal symbol for me, since I have broken glass and had glass broken around me in more abusive past relationships). I feel like finding the glass and the spiral of white ribbon isn't a coincidence, since neither things are common in our house and just appeared randomly. I've looked up some information on both of the symbols but I'm new to witchcraft and am not able to make the pieces fit, so to speak.


Dear Dani,

When we receive messages like that, it's usually personal to the person the message is meant for, and may not be meant for anyone else to understand.

I'll leave the broken glass alone since you seem to already have an understanding of its meaning. BUT I will say that if broken glass often appears to you in abusive relationships, then you may want to take a closer more honest look at your husband.

So that leaves us with the white ribbon. White is generally a color of innocence and patience. The spiral could be a sign for the Goddess, as that symbol is sacred to her. Now, if the spiral was moving clockwise it could represent the creation of something, but if it was moving counter-clockwise it could represent the destruction of something.