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Monday, February 29, 2016

Panda from Coffeyville, KS

I love graveyards, and while I was up at Spring Hill, I asked the gods and goddesses to please send me a wand. I literally took three steps and there was the most perfect oak stick lying in front of me... so I took it home, stripped the bark, and sanded it down. I love this stick and I don't want any crystals or fabric on it. My question is: the tree I think it came from was a grave marker tree, one of four at the back of the graveyard. Is it ok to use it? Or even have it? I'm not a dark person, but I love my stick. Please tell me if it's okay. I really need to know.

One more it okay to use fossils or bedrock for rune stones? I'm super drawn to them :)


Dear Panda,

If you found the wand already on the ground, then of course it's ok to keep it as your wand. You asked the Lord and Lady to give you a gift and a gift they gave you.

Yes, it's ok to use fossils or bedrock make your own runes.